Safe Haven Partners with VeriME for Secure Customer Onboarding

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Safe Haven.pngSafe Haven, a foray into enabling one to securely pass on their crypto-assets to their heirs, has chosen VeriME — a blockchain based digital identity verification platform, to provide a seamless and completely secure verification to their customers.

Blockchain-based transactions and ownership are a highly anonymized apparatus, which creates issues with building a mechanism for a safe yet easy way to ensure that one’s crypto-assets get transferred to their heirs, in case some untoward incident were to befall them. That was until yesterday. Safe Haven provides a solution that guarantees the safe and secure passage of crypto-assets to relatives the day that owner is not around anymore.

Safe Haven chose VeriME’s D-KYC to onboard customers in a safe, transparent, and hassle-free manner. What clinched the deal for VeriME was their user-friendly KYC mechanism and the fact that the entire VeriME platform is PDPA complaint.

Speaking on this new partnership, Jürgen Schouppe, Founder — Safe Haven said, “Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to this; we need to think about protecting our crypto-assets for ourselves, and also for our relatives. VeriME has been a fantastic performer in the KYC domain and we locked a deal with them for providing a smooth onboarding process to our customers. We look forward to scaling this partnership to a global audience and are confident of their capabilities to match our vision toe-to-toe.”

When asked to comment on the partnership with Safe Haven, the Co-Founder of VeriMe, Sanjeev Kumar said, “VeriME is all about easing KYC procedures, and is not limited to the regular banking institutions. Close to our recently concluded partnerships with PundiX and CanYa, Safe Haven has been brought on board as one of our valuable partners. We’ve been looking into the niche being pioneered by Safe Haven and were delighted when a partnership between us was inked.”

About VeriME

VeriME is a Singapore based Fintech Startup offering blockchain based digital identity verification service (VaaS — Verification as a Service) which ensures that the user authentication and verification process isn’t reliant on any third party acting as a mediator.

VeriME’s flagship products, D-KYC and D-SECURE, can be utilized by customers and merchants for efficient digital authentication. The customers can be at peace knowing that their information is not being recorded or transmitted during the verification process.

To learn more about VeriME and its upcoming tokensale starting on 1st March, visit:

You can also find VeriME on the following social media channels:


Facebook: VeriMEDigital

Twitter: VeriME_mobi

Medium: verime

To learn more about Safe Haven, visit:

You can also find Safe Haven on the following social media channels:




Medium: Medium/SafeHaven


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