Blockchain is the Future! Ignore Cryptocurrencies in Red (again)

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Why Blockchain is the Future

While some crypto investors (mainly newcomers) get nervous today as the prices decline we should focus on the positive stuff, right? Blockchain is the future. So many companies and governments realise how important this technology is moving forward. Players like Samsung and Porsche get into this. Just today we heard that:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 19.56.58.png

All good stuff and positive signals! Why worry about a day where the crypto coin market is in red? There is no need to panic - the entire market as you can see from coinmarketcap has been hit but this is a recovery and consolidation period - and happens often. I would not be worried and please avoid selling in panic, that is never good. What are the reasons? You never know but maybe it is because of:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 19.23.27.png

A reason for sure is that governments like the US and South Korea are about to crackdown on cryptocurrency account holders for tax purposes but the demand for privacy-focused cryptocurrencies will not stop to rise.

Probably Bitcoin will benefit most from this recovery period compared to altcoins in the short-terms simply as crypto newcomers first invest into a currency they heard of but that might change. I am confident the entire market will be in Green soon again.

There are also a lot positive news out there today - read them above instead of getting too worried about any of your investments. Think broader - blockchain technology will revolutionise our life and the world. Crypto Currencies are only a part of that exciting shift for our society.


I have made my decision long ago: Hold and support the crypto-market! No use for me to look at charts and prices every day. I don't care about these price movements. I am interested in global freedom without central banks. Hodl! Long live Bitcoin!

Long-term, long-term. You get it :-)

Personally I find it much more interesting and fun to look at blockchain/crypto from a macroeconomics perspective, similar to you @uwelang. That also protects me from emotional decision making I had some struggles with in the beginning.

Keep up the good work

Time to see if can buy some more. :-)

Well, for now all we can do is hodl the fuck out of them.

I, personally, agree that Cryptocurrencies will gain both in weight and price sooner or later - again.
Not only is the market demand for these coins still high, but also is the idea behind a blockchain highly feasible.

Sadly, the fall in prices is mostly due to everyone selling everything they've got out of shock of never being able to access their crypto wallets again, I presume.

Pretty certain we might see 15000-20000$/BTC in late 2018 or early 2019. This will also affect other currencies, for whatever reason, and they're gonna rise in prices as well.

Which can be good for those who're hodling, but bad for those not "getting on it". :D

ich bin mal sehr gespannt wie das weiter geht. Es wird noch viele Hoch und Tiefs geben bis es eine gute Stabile Lösung gibt.

I hope you are right and the market turns green again soon! I am going to buy some Steem today at these low prices. Its less than half the price that I originally bought some in Jan!

the world of cryptography is being born, is a premature baby yet it is causing much revolution in the world, that is a very good sign, many of those who believed themselves enemies of the system are getting on the cryptographic train, there is talk of five years of constant growth and millions of people to board the train, no doubt in the process there will be ups and downs, like all things in this world, we should only have enough confidence in it.
Thank you very much dear friend @uwelang for this information
I miss you in good afternoon

Sehr spannend! Je mehr ich reinlese umso mehr bin ich gespannt wie das noch weiter gehen wird. Ich glaube da werden wir noch ganz viele spannende Sachen miterleben. ;) Danke Dir.

Heck many of us remember well the time when it was under 10 cents!!! Not to mention, I remember when the rewards pool had to rebuild after that HF! Just keep Steeming is all I know to do.

Hope for the best finger crossed let's see what happened next in blockchain

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