Ubanx Spaces will be local, worldwide.

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"Ubanx local footprint spaces will bring cryptocurrencies to the streets to a massive level. This is what the industry has been waiting for."

Ubanx aims to become the user-friendly, real-world connection to the crypto economy by
bridging the gap between mainstream retail finance and crypto assets and opportunities.
There is a boom in new digital currencies and distributed ledger technologies. Available
alternatives fail to capture the mainstream market because they don’t offer the real-life
benefits and simplicity that customers seek.
The core values of Ubanx are shaped by its developers’ goals of helping the information
flow and transparency of the crypto ecosystem from the customer’s perspective. Ubanx
aims to release the proper tools for the onboarding and development of communities to
the cryptocurrencies and digital finance era by providing education, applications, solutions
and meeting points.

Singup link https://ubanx.io/?kid=NEWHR


Singup link https://ubanx.io/?kid=NEWHR

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When a new technological breakthrough has a social impact, it shakes the status quo and
a novel type of interaction among individuals flourishes. This new type of interaction
tends to reach every vertical and industry, giving rise to a new paradigm.
In the last two years, blockchain has shown astonishing organic growth and has proven that
it is ready to restructure some of the most critical components of our society for its evolution,
turning existing infrastructures into greener pastures and creating new consumerbusiness
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Banking is a core activity in a society where Bitcoin, blockchain or other altcoins provide
a gateway for the advent of new financial services. As expressed in IMF (2017)1, the financial sector is ripe for

• The boundaries between intermediaries, markets and new service providers are blurring.
• Barriers to entry are changing.
• Trust remains essential, even as there is less reliance on traditional financial intermediaries,
and more on networks and new types of service providers.
• Technologies may improve cross-border payments, by offering better and cheaper services, lowering the cost of compliance with anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regulation.

The opening quote of the MIT’s Digital Banking Manifesto (hereafter, MIT (2017)2
captures the digital native’s demands:

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”Banks are trying to be cool and hip and build super cool digital front ends...
But it’s like putting lipstick on a pig - ultimately it’s still a pig and the new
front end is still running into an awful digital back end.” Mark Mullen, Chief
Executive Atom, Durham, UK

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Singup link https://ubanx.io/?kid=NEWHR

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Singup link https://ubanx.io/?kid=NEWHR

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Singup link https://ubanx.io/?kid=NEWHR

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