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True Flip, the provably fair international lottery, has successfully closed the company’s TFL tokens sale at 10:00 am (UTC), July 29, with the mark of 2000 BTC exceeded.

The first blockchain-based lottery solution with a viable business model has attracted the promising 3000+ participants (including direct transactions to the smart contract), who now own over 6 200 000 TFL tokens sold for 0,0005 BTC per TFL.

According to the initial plan:

  • 20% (1,785 mm) of the general token amount is reserved for the project’s team: 20% of these unlock with the crowdsale end, 40% after achieving development KPI's and 40% in a year after the ICO.
  • 10% (0,89 mm) are allocated to finance Advisory (5% - 0,45 mm), Escrow (2% - 0,18 mm) and bounty campaign (3% - 0,27 mm).

The original emission plan included 21 000 000 TFLs. The remaining tokens won’t be produced which results in proportional increase of each token holder’s share. The finalized share sizes will be calculated within the next weeks regarding the amount of tokens sold.

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“We are completely satisfied with the results of TFL token sale. Last month has brought us new experience and new partners and for sure this will result in major improvements of True Flip. The funding we've gained is more than enough to follow the roadmap effectively and in comfortable terms for the team. Now we finalize crafting the business strategy in regard with received funding and then concentrate on the nearest milestones. These include listing TFL on exchanges, launching extra gaming options, bringing further decentralization to the system and scaling True Flip promotion”, - said CMO of True Flip Konstantin Katsev.

“First, i'd like to thank all token holders for their priceless support of this project. I'm sure there're no obstacles now to thwart our way ahead! With good efforts already made we’re ready to face the tough challenge of gaining the desired market share. True Flip has all the prospects to set the industrial standard in provably fair gaming. This target motivates the team on it's step by step track towards the desired product and business setup. In the nearest weeks we’ll provide more news on True Flip’s current workflow and further development”, - stated the company’s COO Nikita Parkhomenko.

The TFL token sale targets are:
o Boosting technical development and decentralization, extending gaming options;
o Forming a large Jackpot;
o Funding the marketing campaign;
o Scaling the business model.

TFL’s provide their holders with the following opportunities:
o 10-15% of daily ticket revenues participate in a regular closed draw only for token holders;
o TFL listing on exchanges within 2 weeks following the crowdsale end;
o The holders take part in key business decisions consideration;
o Special private lottery for the holders to be hold in September, 2017

True Flip resides in Costa Rica, where legislation allows online lotteries. The team is multinational. The lottery's Draw transparent code is released on Github.

You can learn more details about True Flip's business, its team and the White Paper on Also please visit to explore the lottery.

True Flip social networks accounts:

True Flip Team

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damn I missed it. Think i shall wait when it is available on the exchanges, I am excited to participate in all this!

I would like to know what has happened to dividend payouts. You have changed your white paper after the ICO so that TFL tokens no longer have dividends. Please explain!


You deserve more Credit!!

You guys did such a great job. I am looking forward to 2.0 and the @TrueFlip future.

Hey!!! Could you please update on dividends...


answer by Trueflip:

All token holders will receive everything we have promised before. We just changed the words



Thnx for the clarification... If you can ask on slack, since I'm not there... When do they plan on yielding dividends...


Currently they have no exact schedule to offer. We can just wait and ask from time to time. A good sign is that Trueflip is constantly communicating in the channel but without a straight answer.


I suppose they are just playing it safe after all.
They've already had a successful "Token Sale", so now is a great time to make sure there won't be any external unforeseen legal consequences that might very well hamper the operation down the road.

Of course, moves such as this have the potential to cause uncertainty and uproar amongst the investors, but overall, that is the lesser evil when compared to potential legal pitfalls that might be encountered.

I'd guess that what we have going on here is quite similar to the way the Japanese are handling their Pachinko parlor reward logistics. Convoluted and strange, but ultimately perfectly legal within Japanese borders.

This is after all what they are paying their legal advisors for.


i'll go to slack and try to achieve some clarification. The big change in the whitepaper (s. above) was alarming for me, thanks to @coincravings who brought it to my attention. My decision to invest in Trueflip was in part because of the clearly described dividend which is now replaced with a participation in the token holder lottery. That's a entirely different situation now. Maybe i don't got it but clarification is necessary now.

do you have a wallet?

Congratulations guys. Well done on the sale. Looking forward to growing in the future and more investment opportunities.

Congratulations, Successful ICO!!!
I hope TrueFlip would be the world #1 lottery site!

Great news, guys! Keep working

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

Great job @trueflip, keep it up the good work, I just resteemed your post.

Ansioso pelo sucesso da rede! Estou na torcida!


congrats on the finalised ico,
i am happy to say i have bought a bit of coins in the token sale
cannot wait for the final details and to see how many coins i will receive on the proportional increase
and i will buy some tickets for the big jackpot just to support my own tokens :-)


where is the contest reward please ?

I'm glad to have the opportunity to be a small part of it because I think you guys will be successful.

Oh wow that's really cool news
Congratulations you deserve it lots of effort you have put.