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Today we’re extremely happy to announce that True Flip’s transition to version 2.0 is successfully finished! It took us quite a long time to fix everything – nearly a week. But this is a result of making best efforts to move over 100k user accounts to a new platform as well as all Draw results, wins and transactions tracks, referrals and etc.

The overall update includes:

  • Complete replacement of transactional systems (now a central message bus processes all requests);
  • Payment gateways for crypotcurrencies now live as separate binaries on separate servers;
  • All operations/transactions in our supported 4 cryptocurrencies are now stable and fast, BTC refill transactions processing has become 10x faster;
  • Mass purchase option enabled – buy packs of tickets a time, increase your winning chances;
  • Subscription option enabled – think ahead, choose your lucky numbers and let them play in numerous Draws in auto mode;
  • Near 30 minor bugs fixed including various memory issues, latency problems;
  • Data storage replaced from MySQL to NDB Cluster (2 copies of data at all time across all nodes);
  • ZeroMQ gates and out-of-the box support for streaming changes (incremental updates PUB/SUB model);
  • Overall load speed is up to 3x higher, bringing you a smooth gaming experience;
  • Application has become distributed - many instances can co-exist.

We'd also love to note that the listed changes are only a beginning. This update brings True Flip to a brand-new level of product quality, which allows us to kick start the long-awaited full-scale expansion!

In the next posts we’ll focus on the details of achieving our milestones. Stay tuned!

p.s. Don't forget we have more news to share during live broadcast on Tuesday, August 15, at 14:00 UTC. Please send us your questions and concerns to

True Flip Team

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few questions:
1.when does tfl tokens will be tradable?
2.on which exchanges will they be tradable? we have new information about interest, your new version do not say anything new about it?
4.where do we need to hold these token to get interest and when can we expect the first interest?


Good valid questions. @trueflip team, please answer them as soon as possible.
I think the project would attract major limelight after being listed on major exchanges like Bittrex. Also, delaying this process would only mean decreasing our first mover working-project advantage.

Very nice post. I enter in it. If any body want to bet in trueflip then please click the link and sign-up.

Great post man

Really exited about it
Is it similar to the earlier one

where are the results of the challenge... ??????? true flip competion ? where r the results ?

Lots of Great improvements :D

More worried everyday.

  • no news about burning tokens
  • no news about trading markets
  • no places where i can check the value of the tokens (as coinmarketcap)
  • no news about interest

and more and more news that this could be a scam. please give more info about those matters. You said 2 weeks after ICO we do this and that but i dont see anything.


@quotas how many other ICO's have you purchased? Or is this your first one? Do any of them have even a working product or better yet make revenue??? I thought so.

To call them a scam sounds ridiculous.


cryptoblood: exactly... Trueflip is the realest one ICO


NO not my first and not my last. What i see is that they dont do what they promised. And no communication about it. That sucks. Even with the live feed there where many questions. Most of them unanswered. I dont say it is a scam but i read more and more posts that i looks like it.. But some signs are in red atm imo. If you have more info about FE the questions of me or tzap ? be my quest. I real hope they will do as promised then this could be great..... i hope


Sorry, missed this thread.
So, dear quotas, what makes you feel this about True Flip?
I mean it seems we're everything except scam :))
And I think there's nothing we did to be called this way.

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When are you listing on exchanges?