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This day brings another portion of good news! We are ready to show the first demo of Flip’s Chest, a new instant game upcoming on True Flip. With it’s progressive Jackpot size, multiple winning strategies and other improvements to rise the prospects of a win, Flip’s Chest definitely has all chances to appear a beloved game on our platform.

As stated in previous posts, this game is the first result of partnership with DAO.Casino, which provides the decentralized gaming protocol to make our ideas live.

Go check the new web landing at - and tell us your opinion!

Also, we’ve received a great supportive video from one of True Flip’s advisor board members :)
Our sincere thanks to Jason Cassidy, Vice Chairman of the Board at Blockchain Association of Canada, for this contribution:

True Flip Team

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True flip every day grows. Good luck in your future projects. Greetings RT

I have a guess about the new game... :)

Good luck! :)

I hope u guys keep rocking and keep making Steemit a lot more interesting with your prizes and incentives....

Love that even though @trueflip is fairly new they are already working to make a lasting and fun experience for players with new games and partnerships. Can't wait for this game to launch

That's some good news for sure
I am waiting for it.

good news

I really like what they are building, thats why i also participate in their token sale...
trueflip to the moon....


Likewise! I feel like this may be one of the biggest ICO sleepers of the year!!

Very interesting news! I'm in and wish you all the best. I made an article about Trueflip and why i think it's an great idea to support you!

Thumbs Up!


This looks very promising. I'm glad I got in. Best of luck TrueFlip.


I'm quite sure they make it great and show another good example how to use the blockchain effectively. The more teams spreading good applications like steemit is the more the whole crypto scene is rising.


Yes, it is a very exciting time now. It's come along way in the last 4 years. I'm glad I got in when I did.