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We love stats, as that’s the best proof of fairness and transparency, and we hope so do you. Here’re some of the interim results to date:


There're also numerous stories with people buying 200+ tickets at once or investing 50+ Bitcoins without a single question to the team :)

And while we’re almost ready to go over the next important stage in True Flip’s evolution, these numbers will significantly grow with the end of our crowdsale. So there will be more people playing, more tickets sold, more gaming options to explore and, of course, a decent update in the Jackpot size.

Probably one of the nearest steps ahead is the listing. True Flip is now conducting a Hovey test, as advised by our international board, to succeed in the talks with exchanges.

Anyway, we’d love to thank again our token holders and supporters. You’ve made the right choice :) In the next weeks we’ll concentrate on extending the gaming options on True Flip, improving and updating the overall strategy, and welcoming new team members to support our growing business.

Don’t forget, there’s still a few days left to get more tokens – with a bonus of up to 20%!

And say hello to Bohdan, our support guru, holding an awesome piece of fan art, which turns out to be the first decoration in this office:


Good luck and stay tuned for updates!

True Flip Team

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how do you get your interest from tfl tokens?
where do you need to hold these tokens to get your daily interest?


A FAQ about that will be released shortly after ICO!

ohh motivanal pic and success of the key...

I trust trueflip

What I really like about this ICO (next to some nice profits) is the effort the team puts into transparency and open communication with investors. It's little updates like this one that give me a positive feeling about overall progress. So thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

That's motivating stuff @trueflip
wish you loads of success.

Nice digits/


@trueflip Seems like Everything's going well till now and i hope for your success and growth . Hi Bogdan ! 😃

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Guys, thanks for the update and the calculation tool. my question regarding base figures - all your estimations are based on a ticket fixed price - 0.001 BTC which is ~ $2,5 at the moment. but what will be with a ticket price if, for example, BTC would cost $10,000. one ticket for $10 is too much, isn't it?


The ticket price may be subject to future changes due to BTC rates. This means, we won't sell tickets for 10 bucks))


ok, so, in that case TFL holders should expect lower BTC incomes.. (considering BTC has growth anyway :) )


But $ more)


exactly! ;)

Amazing cartoonish artwork man! Wow!

animation from

The dolphin looks like the original, very accurately. I wish i could paint like you. Trueflip as blockchain lottery looks very promising for me too!

Keep it up man 👍🏻