How TrueFlip was born.

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Ok, guys. Today we’d like to tell you a bit more of our initial story. The general idea to launch a lottery project came into our site in September, 2016. Then we started researching the market to understand our perspectives. While analyzing current projects and their ICO stories, we clearly saw that the whole niche was quite complex and crowded with many small and roundly weak projects with unclear future. Finally we came out with the understanding that our team members’ collective experience is suitable for launching a product of significantly higher quality and level compared to what the market offers.

By that time we had worked out the vision of what we wanted to create using blockchain technology. That included three basic principles:

  • An absolute, indisputable transparency which would become the only reason to get things done;
  • Creating a product, that won’t belong to the team, as it’s gonna become totally independent and community-based and driven;
  • Being unlike the market majority in our main strategic approach: we decided to aim at establish a product-based business, not one of those ICO-purposed hypes.

Determined with these goals, we gathered in a team of five pro’s, each with a decent experience in their main subject – IT, project management, finance, marketing and design. A dolphin named Flip had made our team complete :)

We invested our own funds into developing the MVP and launched blockchain-lottery. It took us some time to make sure the whole thing was actually vital after all – probably we had realized that it works when the first 20000+ loyal players formed TrueFlip’s original audience.

Our first commercial challenge started in the beginning of June, when the TFL token pre-sale was launched. As a result we’ve raised an impressive 182 BTC from the international community resided in 14 countries. Thus we had allocated around 5% of the whole token amount we dispose. Awesome for the beginning, we thought. And kept on working 16 hours a day :)

In our following posts we’ll tell you about coping with cheaters, hackers, growth issues and childhood diseases as well as the terrifying story of а 24/7 improvement process preceding the ICO.

To be continued. Stay tuned :)

TrueFlip Team



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thank you for good posting~

Thanks for your interest! :)

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Is there any room to get discount even if Pre ICO closed?

Yes, there's plenty ;) Just scroll down to get some more info.

Снимок экрана 2017-06-21 в 21.12.21.png

Okay, the pic looks too small, so here's the quote from our press-release.

The early bird bonus is determined the following:

  • 30% in TFL’s added to the received tokens during 0-1000 BTC stage
  • 20% during 1000-2000 BTC stage
  • 10% during 2000-3000 BTC stage
  • 5% during 3000-5000 BTC stage

Also it would be great if you would imply Civic ICO practice on your ICO, as it was really high level

Yeah, agree. I was in the line for 4 hours. Have you succeeded?

Well, our crowdsale is gonna differ in technology as it's based on an Ethereum smart-contract. Thus there won't be any “queue” – just try to be among the first participants to get your early bird discount :)

Guys, I really like you the way you run this project, especially that it is a working business with the real cash flow.

Thanks a lot, Yan! That's true - we consider TrueFlip's real and working lottery to be among the main advantages of our model. Especially prior to the Crowdsale.

What happens if you do not collect the right amount for ico?

We will continue developing TrueFlip with any ICO results. At the end of the Token Sale the remaining unsold tokens will be burned and share of all Token holders will be proportionally increased, depending on the outstanding package. However, we already have a sufficient number of preliminary agreements with interested investors, which allows us to count on the worthy results of the crowdsdale :)

А есть смысл на steemit на русском писать?
Или русскоязычных тут почти нет?

awesome & accomplishment!