TRON VS. Typerium

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What Is TRON?
TRON is a project that is aiming to help decentralise the internet. Like Ethereum, DApps can be built on top of the TRON Protocol and it uses smart contracts to facilitate a range of processes. TRON is a huge and ambitious project that aims to revolutionise just about every aspect of the internet. While such a wide scope is certainly impressive, it also means that the project must surmount immeasurable challenges in order to succeed.

What Is Typerium?
The Typerium concept can seem a bit confusing, but that’s only because there are many different elements to it. Typerium will be an app and platform that features creative software, intellectual property protection, a social network, a marketplace, a trust and reputation system, a payment gateway, a proprietary wallet all powered by TYPE Protocol and the TYPE Token ecosystem.

What Are the Differences?
Typerium is much more focused than TRON. It’s not trying to create a whole decentralised internet, instead it is designed to fix some very real problems that the 300 billion dollar content industry faces.

Typerium’s app will make design easier for everyday users, allow them to record their IP and give them a marketplace to sell their creations. The social media aspect will give them a way to interact and form a community, while its use of smart contracts will help to automate reviews, resolve conflict, facilitate trust and more. The Typerium wallet, TYPE Token and payment gateway will all help to make transactions quick, easy and cost effective.

Sure, TRON could eventually provide the basis for DApps that perform similar functions, but it doesn’t really compete with Typerium in these areas. Typerium is building all of these features into a cohesive package with streamlined functionality.
Another key difference is that Typerium is built on Ethereum, while TRON will be moving to its own blockchain this year.

It’s still early days for #Typerium, but it’s hard not to wonder: could it be next? The pre-sale starts on the 21st of May, Get in early for the best deal!

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