Meet Ixo - the protocol that Tokenizes Impact Data

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I work as a technology scout for a couple of clients, and just as I was leaving for my two week workcation to Cape Town I stumbled across one of the coolest technology companies I've seen in a very long time. I visited their operation, and was mindblown to learn what they are building.

In the middle of Newmarket Street, among laundries and manufacturing facilities, a small group of innovators are working on the next generation impact tracking technology. Thank you Joyce, Sean & co for hosting us.

Here's the problem: Impact is the measurable change we want to see in society based on things like the environment, poverty and education. In fact, the UN has put forward 17 Sustainability Goals for a better future. However, how to know when a project has made a difference? How can you collect data that proves the value-add to society, and how do you know that data has not been tampered with? Here's where Ixo comes in - a protocol built on top of Blockchain that tokenizes impact data.

Project Amply. Verifying school attendance like it's 2018

The guys aren't exactly resting on their laurels. Their pilot project Amply is already using the protocol in order to replace a paper-based system to register children for a government funded pre-school subsidy in South Africa. Over time, the life records will become a rich source of data to help shape future services and provide more insights.

What do you think Steemit? Cool tech or what? Anyone know about startups that could benefit from using their protocol?


That's pretty neat. Tracking the generated value, or "impact", is one of the areas where I would like to see more use of the blockchain too. It could also help people who want to be more conscious consumers choose products that have a ledger showing how money spent throughout the value chain benefits local businesses etc, or does not include negatives like palm oil, benefiting corrupt organisations etc.

They should totally come onto steemit! Would fit the environment here perfectly and they could even benefit from initiatives like @utopian-io to get help with development and testing.

Yes GREAT point @fredrikaa - imagine when everyone can (not donate) invest money into impact initiatives, and you can track how your money is being spent to do good, literally transaction by transaction. It opens up some seriously interesting business and impact opportunities. I've notified the team and Joyce about Steemit, hopefully they'll latch on and start sharing some updates on the Dev front :) Thanks for the @utopian-io tip, will check that out :)

That was an awesome technology for the future. I didn't know they've cool project in Cape Town. Nice post @travelmarcus

Thanks @muhammadzaki - yes, so much cool things are happening in this space :) Following!

Good post :) I really like your posts, keep the spirit and be the best

Thank you @uciha - all the very best to you friend :)

Sounds rather Orwellian. Why is there a Government funded pre-school subsidy and where did the Government get the money? I'm sure it's cool tech and tracking things like this in the future offer mankind a great tool, but I just can't say whether it's a helpful application in this case, given the hands it's fallen in to. And that's something all freedom loving people should question.

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