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Heat in the house or office, where people are a very important factor that affects the comfort of being in any room. On what conditions are our loved ones depends on their health. Many international organizations are making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
Similarly, everyone can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

For example, to save electricity. Reducing energy consumption, in turn, will lead to a reduction in the consumption of natural resources, a significant reduction in emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, will contribute to the preservation of water bodies and forests. And another factor in favor of rational electricity consumption is cost reduction.


The decision from Saiterm

Saiterm Has developed a unique technology of environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating.

Their development is based on the same principle as our sun – special panels emit streams of energy that evenly heat all objects and surfaces in the room. In this case, resources are not spent on heating the air in the room, as is the case with conventional heating devices, such as batteries or air conditioners.


Panels that radiate heat, built into the floor, ceiling or wall and fit perfectly into the design. The simplicity of the forms allows you to place the heating panels from Saiterm in any room, whether it is a residential apartment, cottage, office, warehouse or enterprise. At the same time they are powered by electricity, and, therefore, for such a system does not require to lay any additional communications, they can be installed, for example, in suburban cottage settlements, in which there is no Central heating or gas.


Also a great advantage is the presence of the control function of the heating panels from Saiterm via mobile phone. This means that you can turn them off when you leave the house, and turn on a few minutes before returning – while electricity will not be spent on heating the room, at a time when it is not required. And this allows you to save even more.


In addition to saving and caring for the environment, the invention from the company Saiterm also helps people's health – heat waves have a positive effect on the joints and skin, and the technology that heats the room without heating the air, and solves the problem of dryness in the premises. But often to get rid of dry air from batteries, people put humidifiers in homes that create excess moisture, dampness and mold.


But at the moment, Saiterm developed only prototypes of their heating system. In order to start mass production, they need funding, and for this they decided to use another modern technology – blockchain. The company Saiterm releases its own token – SAIEX and launches ICO, during which it plans to collect funding for the development of its project. The tokens acquired during the ICO in the future can be used to purchase the heating panels themselves when they go on sale, and the more popular this invention is, the higher the price of the SAIEX token will be.


About the token:


Project team:

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Project road map:


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