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There is a commodity that is more valuable than gold in our time, and this commodity is information. Currently, almost all operations are performed in digital format, so the current and protected information is very valuable. From the beginning of human history to the present day, it has been observed that people and institutions with knowledge always stand out from others. Who knows? Based on his word, we can better understand the importance of knowledge.

So how do we get information, and some time ago we were looking for books with hundreds of pages of volumes, and we went to libraries. We are currently asking a question that we want to find in the digital environment and get information from the results. However, these search results will take thousands of pages and we will have to choose between them. It takes experience to distinguish the true from the real. All the words in the problem we are looking for are listed, which is a big mess.

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), one of the major innovations introduced by the technology for us, has recently created a very useful platform. Blockchain technology provides high security, transparent structure, decentralized, fast and non-indirect benefits such as successful use in many sectors. Solutions to many problems have been developed using projects. With a new and successful project developed on the blockchain platform, the complexity of accessing information will be eliminated, the project is called OMNITY.


OMNITY is a self-Assembly, decentralized information retrieval system that connects private document repositories and a search engine for people at all levels such as scientists, students, researchers. The Omnity service indexes not only websites, but also all kinds of documents, patents, clinical studies, legal and court cases, as well as internal documents of companies. Omnicity discovers trillions of semantic links between millions of documents taken from hundreds of content sources.


Project objective:
Omnity has only one main goal of this project, which will take my name, which will systematically extract all existing data around the world. He will use a number of mathematical and mechanical learning technologies in the method he will use to ensure this, as well as data management systems for a number of other auxiliary detections.


Principle of operation:
The project has already successfully demonstrated its operation in 2016. To do this, they also try to create resources he is asked to improve. The system is being updated with a variety of new methods and techniques to work more efficiently. Currently, the system creates elements such as integrated management systems with blockchain, natural graphics and language processing, as well as actions such as quality control and machine learning.

There will be questions in which Omnity contains some areas of information, we can sort them as follows if we are talking about things.

Various documents and Federal documents of state institutions,
Development and features of various medicines and food industry facilities,
All scientific articles of National institutes of health,
Data From centers for disease control and prevention,
Data on the work of various projects for the protection and protection of the state,
National standard and technological institutes information,
Information relating to the data of the Ministry of trade and trademark and the patent office,
A lot of data about exchanges.


Omnity has such a unique level of performance that you can easily create queries at different levels. I will try to explain this with a small but rather beautiful example so that you can see the positive side of Omni. Suppose you are interested in some kind of scientific dissertation, after creating a query in this area in the system, the entire intelligent system OMNITY is included in the study and begins to look for the necessary information about scientists, other people, researchers, companies, organizations. It can also answer your request accurately. In short, Omnity collects and organizes all existing data from the category you need in the healthiest way possible. You will also get a structured successful result upon your request, which will be explained by this idea, explaining its conclusion in the text or idea documented in private public archives.

Also note that all this will be received in real time. Processing speed combined with blockchain technology will reach an outstanding level. This is made possible by linking a stream of running algorithms. All the data you can think of will create an Omnity database that is available in almost all languages.

About the token:
Omnity tokens will be sold in several stages, private sale, and then pre-sale, and then public sale. The omnity token symbol is denoted as Om. Only approved investors in the US can participate in the sale of Omnity tokens. 74% of the funds raised will be allocated to Omnity operations, 15% will be divided into 6% for backup, 6% for employees, consultants and partnerships, and 5% for founders. The goal of the project is to establish 50 million dollars.

Project team:




When we look at Omni's vision in General, in this world we live in, we will provide great convenience with respect to a lot of data that will obviously have an unlimited amount of data, or whatever you need to know. And the fact that these processes will work quickly, clearly and easily makes this attempt flawless.

I can say that I really like when we look at the project together with the General lines . If you are interested in it to get more information, I have also included all the official resources about Omnity in my article. Make sure you have more information when you look at them and you will clearly understand that you are interested in this project. I'm sure for this project, which sheds light on our future, you can take your place up front and win together.

Thank you for your attention!
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