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The first type of investor has an interest in humanity's freedom and the second type still doesn't understand that no one can be free unless everyone is free.

That second type of investor I like to call "The Multiplier" because they only care for making their investment grow, multiply. They see crypto as a way to become personally richer and couldn't care less about what blockchain technology can do.

Now, when I talk about Multipliers often people who can identify with the desire to live comfortably get offended. I wish to clarify that I see nothing wrong with wanting a better life for yourself and those you hold dearly. Having said that, the same mentality that will drive someone to invest in a project they know nothing about and never develop any curiosity about the nature of the project so long as its price rises, is the same mentality that can lead the investor to lose it all.

I imagine losing the entirety of an investment is a nightmare for both types of cryptocurrency investors which is why I'm writing this, I don't mean to manipulate the market in any way so I will refrain from making mention of any projects in particular. Instead I plan to speak about the potential of blockchain technology hoping it will inspire everyone to look within and be more selective about the projects we support.

Yes! When we buy a cryptocurrency or blockchain asset we are in fact supporting something. That is a concept which is hard to understand for Multipliers because they see no projects, they only see what they want to see which is money, more money or less money; that's as far as their vision goes. But in fact, what we are doing when we purchase a token is giving money to people who are working around an idea and trying to take that idea into action. We pay to make ideas become reality, we sacrifice the time it took from our lives to earn a certain amount of money so we can contribute to having something specific happen.

Multipliers only want to see one thing happen, they want to see a 1 turn into a 2, the number two turning into three, and so on. They believe those numbers can be transformed into material things, perhaps they even believe those material things can then be turned into emotions of well-being which would eliminate negative sensations from their life.

Poverty, fear of lacking, plays a big role in a Multiplier's mentality. They have seen a world that is still able to sustain all of its population and yet children die of hunger every day. I know what hunger is like from personal experience so I understand this fear is not easy to overcome, but we must if we ever want to see a world where nobody lacks.

To some people this last idea seems like Utopia, they don't believe a world where no one lacks is even possible. I'm not talking about a world where everyone can have whatever they want, I'm talking about a world where everyone can get what they need.

This world is possible if not today then maybe a year from now, the blockchain projects to make this a reality probably already exist and the only thing keeping us from discovering and adopting them is fear of poverty, the Multiplier mentality.

With blockchains we can create governing entities that can be held accountable, transparent administrations. That alone can take us very far. By the same token, pun totally intended, a blockchain can be used to create governing mechanisms making our lives completely transparent holding the public accountable at all times.

We can easily end up in a state of complete surveillance just by supporting the wrong cryptocurrency projects, if that comes to be the case then it wouldn't matter how rich you became from supporting those projects because you wouldn't be able to spend the money you made at your discretion. You'd be bound by the governing mechanisms you helped come to life with your investment but you wouldn't be exempt from having to submit to the new rules just because you were an investor.

Using blockchains we could automate pretty much everything to our benefit, but pretty much everything could instead be automated for us with no room for appeals.

If you still don't understand what I mean, let me paint an image for you... Imagine identifiers being issued for every citizen on earth, your weight could be measured as you walk into a supermarket and basing that on your age and other factors like the information from your last visit to the doctor, the items you could buy as well as the amount can be limited automatically to keep you "healthy." With blockchain technology you can't just run to the next supermarket to get larger quantities from your limited list because the stores are connected to the same database and they update very quickly. You will be stuck with your rations and if someone steals them or you misplace them or you simply burn the food because you're a bad cook then you're out of luck.

That's just one example of how bad things can get, I could go on and on but honestly that'd just make you think I'm paranoid. But what if I told you people are already supporting blockchain projects that could enslave humanity like this and when confronted they say they are making profit so it doesn't matter?

Sadly, Multipliers are the majority of investors in the cryptocurrency industry and as the days go by more of them come on board. The more mainstream media speaks about the people who have made millions investing in crypto the bigger the problems becomes.

How a cryptocurrency project can help humanity every day becomes less of a concern, the freedom-seeking passion of those who have made the industry into what it is today is being shadowed by the excitement in those gambling what little savings they have gathered, into one thousand different lottery tickets which they wouldn't know how to cash out even if they won something.

Do you even know what's in your portfolio?

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thnx thats helpful my friend

Wow, what a beautiful, insightful and important post @tommycordero! I wish I had seen it back then so I could have upvoted it (I also wish I had been on Steemit back then! ; )

If you comment on this comment I'll be happy to upvote your comment, however much that will help.

I also just had an idea of how I could help this post be (hopefully) seen by many more eyes and that would be to simply copy it, only with your permission of course, then repost it on my blog and then transfer any liquid rewards to you. But then almost as soon as that idea popped in my head a warning notion blared in, showing the potential for how such a concept could be misused and abused (if it's not already being so? I don't know, I'm new) For example, let's say many people start re-posting (not resteeming) any old but popular posts from various whales or what have you. Sure, that might greatly benefit the whales by having their no-longer-earning-post suddenly making them bank again, but would that be truly adding to the value of the Steem platform? Is it moral? At the moment I'm not sure, but I'm also half asleep. Time for bed! lol ;-)

I look forward to your comment and opinion though, @tommycordero, as well as anyone else who might see this and wishes to pipe in.

All the best!