Facebook lifts advertising ban on cryptocurrencies

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On June 26, Facebook re-adapted its advertising policies. Since January of this year, all advertising for crypto products and ICOs has been completely banned from the "social network". The restrictions are now relaxed, but not completely removed. Options and ICO banners continue to be ignored by Zuckerberg's companies. The sister company Instagram has not yet followed suit.

In January, Facebook's management decided to completely ban advertising on all types of crypto products. They wanted to protect their own users against criminal or simply misleading advertising campaigns.

Facebook: Advertising for ICOs and options is still prohibited

According to the press release, the ban should be temporary from the beginning until it is easier to distinguish misleading products from reputable ones. Anyone who is already admitted as a business partner with their own advertising partner ID must nevertheless prove that they have a broker license or other permission to trade in such products. Before completing various questions on an extra page and submitting the appropriate documents, you will not continue to tolerate crypto campaign banners. The company monitors and redesigns the modified advertising policies to optimize them. Anyone discovering a prohibited advertisement for ICOs or options will be prompted to report them immediately. Not everyone who wants to advertise for digital services will be able to do so according to the new guidelines, as the social network announces in full.

All in all, this is good news. For all reputable providers, Facebook is already an indispensable marketing tool because of the possibility to switch advertising extremely targeted. Many providers will be happy to not have to give up this portal as an advertising platform after about six months compulsory break. In addition, the decision may have exemplary character and other providers such as Twitter will follow the example.

Facebook hopes to succeed in the future to be able to separate the good from the bad guys. We are curious if they can do this considering the many different providers and the size of the portal.

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