What Is A Cluster Economy And How Is It Different Than A Blockchain?

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What Is A Cluster Economy And How Is It Different Than A Blockchain?

DICE, the next-generation cryptocurrency is a new and a universal platform for businesses to raise funds through crowd-supported cryptocurrency mining. DICE aims to provide users with an alternative to the Fiat currency; while replacing the ICO funding model with a more cost-efficient IDO model where any business can raise funds without incurring huge costs.

Unlike the present Blockchain system, DICE combines the properties of both cryptocurrencies and traditional money while eliminating the limitations of both. Based on a different operational model, users dealing in DICE find the deals way similar to the real-world work that brings a secure and a confidential virtual handshake that is verified by a witness.

The “Cluster Model” Economy of Dice

DICE, for the first time in the crypto world, introduces the “Cluster Model” economy wherein, a large number of unconnected peers, known as operators (in the ecosystem) work within a singular global network. The Operator, in theory, is a business entity that is responsible primarily for the validation of DICE units and maintaining a database of every valid DICE units associated with a particular operator. Unlike the typical Blockchain architecture, where a single ledger is maintained......

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