TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform

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In this 21st century, the world has seen a rapid increase in technology advancement which has made the world witness the possibilities of a virtual world. A few decades ago it was very difficult to imagine how much mobile phones have evolved and become very useful and multi-functional, allowing almost a few clicks to communicate with another person, to build commercial relations, to go on video from anywhere in the world. In terms of technology advancement. Some of these inventions need energy, minerals that are extracted from the earth in so many ways, sometimes bringing some significant amount of environmental damage to both water and land resources, polluting nature. Oil and gas are still the main sources of heat.


Studies done by a lot of researchers on the issue of environmental changes have confirmed that there is some kind of greenhouse effect, climate changes in some portion of the earth and the production of technologies that will not produce waste are not yet in function.


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This article focuses on a project which aims to provide a tentative solution to the problems above with the use of blockchain technology. TerraGreen is the project which aims to deploy blockchain platform that enables more efficient use of natural renewable energy sources, allowing more suppliers, developers to communicate directly with buyers, investors without intermediaries, to conclude transactions with the help of smart contracts, which solves the issue of trust. TerraGreen is aimed at assisting in the utilization of the results of human activity, obtaining from them natural sources of energy. It would seem that this is impossible, but it is absolutely not. The desire to solve the environmental problem is great, but the possibilities do not correspond to it - it will take a lot of time and effort to implement the TerraGreen idea. For this reason, the developers have designed a decentralized platform, in which other projects will be taking part, oriented towards solving the issue of waste disposal.

This project is a blockchain project which focuses on micromanaging biomass deposits from agriculture and forestry and effectively converting them into renewable energy products. These products, at the end of the procedure, will be at great heights of economic value. With TerraGreen Coin, consumers will be able to directly participate in biomass waste management and the production of renewable energy products that will return in support of the green energy revolution. This will be essentially a DAO (Distributed Independent Organization), autonomously regulated on the basis of predetermined instructions in the form of a smart contract. There are various kinds of smart contracts in DAO. Smart contracts are deepening in the field of combined heat and energy optimization (CHP), synthetic natural gas, hydrogen production, Synthetic fuel, SOFC, green chemistry, activated carbon and cellulose.
Blockchain Technology is the latest technology which has introduced a decentralized ecosystem. It is clearly understood that we humans evolved in a period of zero technology but that is not the case today. Today’s world has seen great change and advancement in technology. Without no doubt, blockchain technology over the few years of been introduced to the world has proven to be useful and also helpful in so many ways in regards to the use of cryptocurrency.


TerraGreen will be able to significantly reduce emissions of large waste biomass into the atmosphere and water resources, increase the flow of investors for this useful and harmless technology, set a fair price for energy resources. Controlling resources is not an easy task, given the bad situation. The project will assist in managing waste in the vast majority of countries and will act as an ideal system. For a reliable system, better decentralization and safe micromanagement is the foundation, this is where blockchain technology and the routines offered by TerraGreen come into the scene. The goal of the project is to create a truly sustainable, clean growing community around the world, while simultaneously allowing consumers to directly participate in the renewable energy industry.


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For more information about this project, Visit the links below;

Website: https://terragreen.io

WhitePaper: https://static.icoholder.com/files/28096/aff35db68bd1655eb4f1596fb1ca9b46.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TERAGRE01964783

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terragreen00

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IGhIuxKVTZqAqaFjHC6x1Q

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