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When Satoshi Nakamoto brought Blockchain into the world in 2009, only a few visionaries understood the disruptive shock wave that would start to reshape financial transactions from one part of the world to the other. Blockchain has been an evolutional technology of this Era.

Blockchain is one revolutionary technology that has introduced the world into an era of decentralization. With this technological advancement, anyone and anywhere in the world can join a network and support and send transactions or data via this technology. This amazing technology introduced cryptocurrencies and with Bitcoin being the first successful cryptocurrency or digital currency. Without any doubt, blockchain technology over the years has proven to be useful and also helpful in so many ways in regards to the use of cryptocurrency. We cannot talk about blockchain technology without the inclusion of smart contracts. In a layman’s description, smart contracts are computerized transaction protocols that execute the terms of a contract. They are in charge of enforcing the terms of the negotiations made before the finalization of the contract.

The introduction of smart contracts into the blockchain technology was done by Ethereum which eliminated the need for third parties before carrying out transactions. Smart contracts present an easy way to track, and view transactions done with these protocols. They remove the issues associated with human errors, large fees, and too many paper works. Smart contracts ensure that the rules are enforced without any form of tampering. Ethereum capitalized on the idea of Satoshi and created a blockchain platform with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, allowing anyone to write smart contracts and decentralized applications where they can create their own arbitrary rules for ownership, transaction formats and state transition functions. Due to this initiative developed by Ethereum, a lot of good crypto projects have been introduced into the crypto ecosystem and the entire world as a whole. The impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the years since its inception has to be very positive and advancing quickly and greatly. And it will be best if one gets along with the services that come along with it, thus, being among the early birds to acquaint and to adopt. With this said, I will like to present to you the very first Ethereum based blockchain technology lottery game called ETHEX BET.


Today’s article review will be on the ETHEX.BET platform and what exactly is its purpose and benefits this platform provides. ETHEX.BET is a lottery platform that allows users to guess the last six symbols of the next block hash of the Ethereum blockchain network. To begin with this article, you need to understand that blockchain technology has been adopted in any part of our lives from gambling to record-keeping ledger.


Most online gambling industries are now leveraging blockchain technology to introduce transparency and decentralization to gamblers making it easier for people to sign in to enjoy a fair and cheat-free platform. ETHEX.BET is a gambling platform which is specifically based on an Ethereum smart-contract protocol.

This platform is built on the Ethereum network which provides it with a decentralized nature and a transparent system for people to use the platform with no worries. ETHEX.BET was created to introduce a provably fair for on-chain gambling (On-chain gambling is blockchain gambling platforms available in the crypto ecosystem) which simply implies that all bet outcomes are independently verified indicating that no one can tamper with the results. This platform does not implement the use of random generators that will generate the possible results for the lottery.

The main focus of the ETHEX.BET platform is introducing a lottery site which provides everybody with the opportunity to guess and win via a transparent system with no third parties involved. The platform is simple and easy to use with fewer difficulties.

How the Platform Works

Considering other gambling and lottery websites, ETHEX.BET is a simple and user-friendly platform with no sign in requirement from both new and old users. This platform has introduced a new player into the gambling ecosystem where ethereum smart-contract is used to employ provably far and cryptographically secure system. Most gambling and lottery platforms rely strongly on random generators which are highly susceptible manipulation which does not define fairness and transparency. But with ETHEX.BET, random generators are not used. Players or users are just required to predict the last hexadecimal numbers (last six code) of the Ethereum block hash.

The way this platform works is very simple and straightforward with no complex processes involved. All users or players need is a Metamask Ethereum wallet for starters. Below is a summary of each user requires to use the ETHEX.BET effectively.

System Requirements to Use the ETHEX.BET Platform

First and foremost, ETHEX.BET is a decentralized platform where users have total control over all activities in terms of connecting their wallet to the platform without any third party involvement. Below is the summary of what you need to do to use the ETHEX.BET platform on your PC either on windows or mac operating system and on your phone (iOS, Android).

To play or use the platform, you will need Metamask (macOS, Windows):

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Metamask.
  2. Enable the extension and sign in to your Metamask account.
  3. Visit the Ethex website using the same browser.
    To play using Coinbase Wallet (iOS, Android):
  4. Download Coinbase Wallet from the App Store or Google Play.
  5. Create a wallet or import your seed in Coinbase Wallet.
  6. Open the URL in the DApps tab.

After meeting all the above requirements, you can now join the ecosystem of fair and transparent lottery platform to enjoy huge prizes and big chances to win.


ETHEX.BET platform is currently the future of gambling and lottery decentralized platforms in the crypto ecosystem. It is the next level of transparency and fairness which is mind-blowing and will change the mindset of people about how blockchain technology can be used in every part of human existence.
This is how it is played. Users are required to guess the last hexadecimal numbers (last six code) of the Ethereum block hash using numbers and alphabets which is being generated after an Ethereum transaction is completed on the Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Users are required to choose between one to six symbols which usually implies of odd or even numbers and alphabets. Users are also provided with another option where they can generate a simple collection of combinations. The platform is also made of click options like Random, Frequent and Rare which usually help users and players to generate the six symbols and are automatically arranged to fill in the six cells for the hexadecimal numbers. Once you provide the six hexadecimal numbers, you can now stake your lottery. The minimum amount required to stake is 0.01 Eth.

The focus of ETHEX.BET platform is to introduce transparency into the gambling industry to help with mass adaptation of it. Considering the features of this platform and the use of Ethereum smart contract protocol and Ethereum block hash, the ETHEX.BET platform has the power of revolutionizing the way the entire gambling industry approach the use of Blockchain technology.


So exceptional, regarded and acknowledged, it can be said that ETHEX.BET platform has a great amount to give than it is doing now. Not impeding on the characteristics of its administration and also encouraging the progress and update in the utilization of its administration with crypto shows its speed in the task to its users. With great recognition, its users are upheld by the most reachable, attainable and perfect helping elements that hold and keeps all of them working in this crypto space. Its secure structures do help since their trust is imperative giving users what they will need in the biological world for every hour of the day.

For more detailed information on ETHEX.BET, visit; ANN: Situs Web : Medium : Facebook : Tewitter : Telegram :

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Sort: is indeed the beginning of transparency in the gambling industry. Thanks for sharing such informative article about this platform.

Thanks for spending time to read and appreciate this article. Please check out the platform and make sure to use this platform...

This is a brilliant platform. The team behind this platform really understood the relevance and true purpose of Blockchain technology for the world to be a better place to live..

Yes indeed, this platform is one of the kind to be developed ...

The crypto space is gradually taking over all aspect of industries seen in the financial economy. Your article is very insightful. keep writing and sharing wonderful projects... :)

@tissuesurgeon, i am a huge fan of online games and betting platforms but off late i am so disappointed in the new ones that are popping up in the space. Cryptokitties was lit i hope Ethex Bet will be the awesome to make some money on. Anyway great read and thanks for sharing this with the community, I will look this up for myself!
Best Regards.

@ikkelins The platform is very different from all the online games and lottery platforms using blockchain technology. Instead of random generators used by most lottery platforms to generate the outcomes, do not use this random generators. Please checkout their site, that will help clear thing out for you..

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