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Without any doubt, blockchain technology over the years has proven to be useful and also helpful in so many ways in regards to the use of cryptocurrency. With all this been said another new feature which has introduced a new beginning in the world of crypto is the introduction of what we call smart contract.
A platform known as ASSETSPLIT is the best to provide and bring to you an integrated aspect in cryptocurrency with the use of the smart contract. ASSETSPLIT is an ethereum-based asset generating platform which focuses on smart contracts generation. This platform is designed to meet the basic needs of crypto enthusiasts and beginners who are now trying to understand the principles of cryptocurrency.
It comes with the possibility for one to create a token that can be used in making trading in a non- centralized way, making the transaction and this transaction are done in a much secured, checked and approved in the blockchain system and many more.

Facilitating and helping investors and traders from both the local and international arena, ASSETSPLIT also provides security and comfort for investors and by also providing them with an investment platform and a digital world based- asset cryptocurrency trading exchange. Due to the diverse ecosystem of ASSETSPLIT, there will be a clearer and simplified aspect of the digital economy.

ASSETSPLIT provides the solution to all the plaques, obstacle and problems people face either in a project start-up, in the middle phase or at the end of that project and there is lack of continuation due to insufficient funds or lack of fund. This innovation by ASSETSPLIT helps in drawing and dividing the importance of their items so that money can be drawn to continue with their projects that have been stopped or halted using the smart contract technology.
Been the greatest idea to be brought on board in the world of cryptocurrency, ASSETSPLIT is to solve all feature mishaps that might take place, a lot of crisis to rise, issues remaining hidden in the dark to consume the handwork of the project developer. The use of this smart contract can also be used to keep data and in a non-centralised way bring them out when needed.
In the eyes of the world ASSETSPLIT will in it wonderful way expands and enhances the arena of trading and investment in the most innovative way.

A mere infinite is the use of smart contract, this platform of ASSETSPLIT is created to bring coordination between the targeted and projected communities in blockchain and investors or clients Ethereum to take the lead the field of smart contract – activated system in blockchain regardless of the lot in competitions.
Its intensions are to not place limitations on airdrop’s and gifts, token distribution, and advertisement of projects but to rather solve the many problems plaquing the world of cryptocurrency.
For a better future for the use of cryptocurrency ASSETSPLIT provides us with this incredible feature thus making sure that cryptocurrencies that pop up in our day to day endeavours stays in business. This has shown that our world today has changed and is changing and also adopting the use of cryptocurrency with the integration of the smart contract.
Are you a greener or giant or a crypto enthusiast, well ASSETSPLIT provides an easy to use platform services for crypto space real world money and digital currency investors. This platform is mainly for investment platform services and exchanges to bring a revolution in the process of making easy the developers effort in this blockchain easy.

ASSETSPLIT the future of blockchain and smart contract.





The team behind this project are fully experienced to carry the project to a great success looking at the useful case which they have spoken about ASSETSPLIT Project. Below are some of the team members, please follow up on the website and whitepaper for more information about the entire team.


For more information about the ASSETSPLIT project, visit the links below;

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