DNA Collides with Blockchain and Mining.

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Crypto mining is when a computer's computational power is being used to solve a cryptography puzzle. The rig (PC) is contributing to the validation of the ledger. (common information). And in return, it has a chance to earn a bitcoin, or some other form of 'value'. (What is Crypto and Blockchain?)

All those computers, working together become "Greater than the sum of their parts", in this case a sort of decentralized banking institution, allowing 'virtual currency exchange' but all of that energy and time being spent solving a puzzle could be spent doing much much more.

Seti once had a screensaver program based on crowd-sourced processor use for searching space for extra terrestrials. Link to [email protected]

(At the bottom of this page you'll see a list of networks you can contribute to yourself)

The US Air force built a system using #Sony #PlayStations to develop their supercomputer.


When your PC or Gaming console is not in use by you, it is available to be pooled and accessed for amazing things.The idea of using a distributed processor networks (the power of those multiple computers joined together) to create supercomputers is a amazing technological achievement.

Where it's at right now, thanks to #Bitcoin and #Blockchain is very exciting.

It's about to meet DNA. 

DNA sequencing is a good first use of the massive super processor networks.


A secondary benefit to the technology is the concept of using the Blockchain itself as a method for storing DNA data itself. This eases transmission, access and storage problems relatively easily.


Another fantastic benefit is that it offers Additional privacy layers .


There are a huge host of projects that could be integrated into #CryptoMining systems.



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