What project hope means to me and a little guide to subscribe to the Project Hope Community

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A little guide to subscribe to @project hope community

To begin with I am quite excited for @project.hope @crypto.piotr and all the wonderful people behind this project.

I have been observing the growth of @project.hope and I am so glad that its baby steps are getting bigger and stronger.

Project hope is moving ahead

So what does it mean? For me it means an initiative that started with an idea is moving towards financial sustainability.

Financial sustainability is a big thing in today's uncertain times. Be it Asia, Europe or any other part of the world we are all facing the worst slowdown and recession.

Thus project hope and its moving in the direction of financially sustainability sounds music to my ears.
So without much ado this is how to subscribe to the community and show one's support

Visit https://beta.steemit.com/created/hive-175254

Login with your steemit username and posting key

Post login If you are not already on the page you can visit https://beta.steemit.com/created/hive-175254

On the right hand side of the page you would get the option to subscribe simply click the subscribe the button.


Once you have subscribed to the community you would see the button change to joined as can be seen in the image below.


So if you are passionate about topics related to blockchain technology, AI, cybersecurity ETC be a part of the project hope community

In support of @project.hope I would be sharing 20% of the earning of this post with @ph-fund


Hi Alok

Just quick question - if you visit Project HOPE community on beta.steemit.com: https://beta.steemit.com/created/hive-175254 then do you see only my post (the way you showed it on printscreens above) or do you see also publications by @pedrobrito2004. Just like the one here?


Also second question:
do you see your own publication on our project HOPE hive? Somehow I don't see it, which I found strange since you're used our community TAG.

(also it's being shown on trending page for this tag: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-175254)

I wonder what's the problem and how does it work. Why you post isn't being displayed ....


Off-topic - Touch of humor on the sidelines: It makes me feel weird to be a reference for something hahaha more for something related to technology, because I'm fond of the subject, but not as much as an expert :) However, I'm glad my post serves to illustrate what the community blog looks like.

This only shows one thing: growth

Just quick question - if you visit Project HOPE community on beta.steemit.com: https://beta.steemit.com/created/hive-175254 then do you see only my post (the way you showed it on printscreens above) or do you see also publications by @pedrobrito2004. Just like the one here?

Yes I see the image as you have shown with by @pedrobrito2004

However the reason you do not see it in the screenshot is because I had created my post immediately after you had created the post and I was one of the earlier respondents.
I had logged into to the community joined it and then created the post from that interface with the idea of helping others join the community.
I thought it would automatically show under our community but it did not. I checked and realized that the "hive-175254" tag was not there so I edited and inserted it.
Perhaps that is the reason why my most does not show under https://beta.steemit.com/created/hive-175254 but shows up under trending.

Cheers !

Thank you for supporting the community! :)

You are right that one of the details is that the label that identifies the community must be the first of the post or else it will not appear on the community blog. Try that in another community and it was when I noticed that this works differently to the case of the labels of the tribes, in which case it does not matter in what position the label is because it will always be shared with the tribe while one uses the corresponding label.

I also remember that once the post is created, the first tag cannot be modified, so although you have the community tag, you have it in the second position in this post, so it would not appear on the community blog, of course , as you have it in the post if it will look when you put it in a search for trends.

Dear Professor @pedrobrito2004.

This observation you made is very valuable.
Let me congratulate you and thank you for sharing this knowledge with us.

I would recommend posting through the community front-end on beta.steem and thus avoid confusion with the use of tags.

Thanks again for the instructions.

Your friend, Juan.

You are right, when publishing directly from the Beta frot-end you don't have to worry about the detail of the first label, because it places it automatically.

In my case, it happened that for my liking of using the @SteemPeak front-end (for the ease of creating templates, publishing programs, saving various drafts, etc.), I started looking for a way to work.

Dear @thetimetravelerz

Finally I had a moment to read your post calmly (without being in rush).

Did you noticed how much SP does project.hope already have? :) yeyeye

Just like you said - our project "baby steps are getting bigger and stronger". I wouldn't obviously achieve much without constant effort coming from so many people. Working together is not only more efficient, but also way more fun :)

Thanks for promoting our community :)

Cheers, Piotr

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