Vol.1 | Genesis Space Monthly Report

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Date: 1 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018


Progress in product development

  1. Finished design for BFT based consensus structure and state management during consensus
  2. Add PBFT struct based on genesis network module
  3. Add PBFT consensus controller with propose, prevote and precommit mechanism
  4. Define consensus message data models with basic interfaces


  1. Implemented event loop handler for network sessions
  2. sample code and documentation for network, p2p controller
  3. Add PBFT struct based on genesis network module
  4. Refactor network module with less coupling


  1. Implemented part of the DB, storage and cache
  2. Update DB manager with cached state changes batch
  3. Update Rocksdb interface


  1. Added unit tests and documentation for our common libs, will add more
  2. Finished cpu monitor and opcode meter for VM
  3. Start chain controller implementation
  4. Continue working on the technical yellow paper

(2) Market dynamics

30th August evening, the new blockchain project Genesis Space accepted the interview with TokenGazer's “Ask to the End” (一问到底) column. Alex, the founder of Genesis Space, was the guest of the scene. Together with more than 100 researchers in the community, they discussed in-depth questions, scientific analysis, and a comprehensive interpretation of Genesis Space from all aspects.

As for the development of blockchain projects, Alex indicated particularly that it is not a 100-meter race, but a marathon, which will also be reflected in the future exploitations of Genesis Space.

Details of “Ask to the End” can be found on Genesis Space’s official WeChat flatform.

(3) Community operations

  1. The community operations team has built successfully and is currently in active building of the community.
  2. Our first activity at the moment, "Get Prize for Essays" is being carried out in the Biche. I hope everyone will participate actively.
  3. We are currently designing and building a website. We will notify the community as soon as possible when the website is launched.
  4. Community construction is under perfection. Currently everyone can obtain relevant information from our WeChat official account, Weibo, official Chinese telegram group, Biche, zdpvt, Bihu, Jianshu, Tencent and YouTube.

We are in the planning of multiple community activities, they will be launched soon, so stay tuned.

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