Pillar Explodes- We chat with the CEO- David Siegel

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Future outlooks and roadmaps for this highly ambitious project~!

Its always a pleasure to have returning guests. It helps the community figure out whats going on. Thanks to David Siegel for joining us on todays show!

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Great interview

Great interview Tijo! David gives lots of updates and is in the public eye. Great to know as a PLR hodler

@thearcanebear Pillar will change the Crypto's in many ways and I enjoyed listening just now to what David had to share with us. Interesting thought on his plan for a Token that is NOT an ERC-20 Ethereum Based Token......

great informative post
I like this type of different amazing posts.

Looks like you guys had a fun time talking and hamming it up! Insightful, i prefer the Ledger i just bought.

I am looking forward to the ERC20 token sale coming up soon. Great job, guys.

Thanks for bringing David Siegel on board to unleash his expertise on cryptocurrencies. This he knows how to do best, imparting knowledge. I follow and upvote you.

Thanks for sharing this interesting video and project.

Seeing all the positive comments here, you should check out this piece that gives an overview of the "roadmap" for Pillar: https://medium.com/@pullnews/the-pillar-wallet-road-map-761222e95127

It's looking like an ambitious project.

It's also worth checking out the Mike Boutwell interviews with David.

I'm rooting for this.

Nice job, You can tell David is really stoked about his project. cant wait to see his team's output!