Adoption of National ID blockchain systems could be a good thing for African countries.

in #blockchain5 years ago


National IDs in any country act like the finest description of the citizens where all the details of all records can be accessed. In most African countries the use of National IDs began just a few years ago which means that no so many functions are integrated with the Identity of the people.

Recently Sierra leone made it clear to start issuing out Blockchain based National IDs to it's citizens before 2019 ends.
This is a great thing because it's one big example to other countries to who might as well pick interest or just give other countries the confidence in blockchain systems.

Blockchain Identities will make it so easy for the citizens to track their financial activities or even make it easy for them to get services like education, loans, healthcare and so on.
This will definitely combat corruption in some African countries, there has been an epidemic of fund embezzlement in most countries in Africa due to the incompetence of the current systems and ofcourse dishonest of some greedy leaders.

Now that more people are getting access to the internet, the opportunities that blockchain brings will find ready communities.

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