Blockchain, Voting, & Elections: What’s the Problem?

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We know that blockchain has worked very well for areas like finance, smart contracts, healthcare and more. We see enormous potential with this in many areas.


Recently I wrote an article about the applications for blockchain in voting and elections. Dr. John Patrick contacted me to discuss his ideas. He is the author of a profound book called Election Attitude where he advocates for using technology, and specifically blockchain, as we way to improve elections in the US and elsewhere.

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In this interview we look at the subject of what is going on now in elections (it’s not very good) and the promise that blockchain holds (it looks very good). Make your own decision and get to know this man who has some great ideas on improving the electoral process.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Interesting !!!
Block chain is coming over with huge idea for the people by the people. Thanks Satoshi


Yes, it is an amazing concept. It is a win for all to have more a more secure and reliable system. Blockchain to the rescue! Thank you for stopping by @musicfromsoul

nice post boss


Thats goods work


Thank you, @aqsaali
You are very kind.

nice post have a great day.


Thank you, @vipins!

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.


WOW! Thank you for your kind words, @sojib24. I appreciate that and glad you like what I'm doing. Hope you have a great day today.

Got no problem with voting, for you. As long as I always retain the right to opt out if I don't prefer with what everyone else chooses for themselves. Truth is I do not need someone to rule my life. So, elections are unnecessary for me. But for those who believe in the religion of government, statism and the legitimacy of slavery, they will always think there is some sense to elections. I choose voluntarism and always retain my right to choose to opt out. So are we now using blockchain to legitimize statism?


Using blockchain is a good technology for many tasks. Voting is just one of them. For those who choose to vote, it is a good tool. I choose to vote every day and every hour with the decisions I make to make the world a better place by building good and creating value. I choose to live life in a voluntaryist way and choose to opt out of most of what collectivists advocate. Living your own life by your terms voluntarily interacting peacefully with others without any initiation of force or coercion is the way to live. Thank you, @majestic-haji for stopping by. Would love to connect in the real world, perhaps over drinks at a future confrerence somewhere on the planet. All the best and thank you for stopping by.


thank you so much for this great discussions and point of view, I just love this brilliant Idea.

Very interesting concept Terry. I can remember some years ago, about 10 years ago, seeing a Doctor's digital signature on his diagnostic findings letter, or on a prescription note. I remember that digital signature reminding me of a wallet address.
I think this might be a good idea for a voting process. This would be optimal way to vote as long as the system isn't, God forbid, hacked to block a vote from getting through, nor an EMP/MPF destruction.


You raise a good point, @parcke. Hacking is always a concern. However, "ballot stuffiing" and other illegal tactics are already happening with the current system. No one has been able to hack the bitcoin blockchain. No one. Ever. It is has been tried thousands, if not millions of times. That says something about its reliability.

Hey, nice ot have you stop by. Hope to see you again.


Yes I understand that blockchain has not been blocked nor has been able to. my reply wasn't as clear as what I was fully thinking...sorry about that. What I really meant about the hack on the block chain, I really should have noted hacking to block the computer from communicating out the vote. But, I could be wrong about that, too.
Since the computer if at a voting station might not be linked into any external server(s) would be the safest option. Voting from the home might pose the problem though.

By the way, I appreciate your insights. I just learned of you coming across YouTube about 4 days ago on topic concerning Steemit. I don't remember exactly the the exact topic for now, because I was studying several subjects such as Steemit, ICO's, and cryptocurrency, etc. Nice presentation voice to learn from.

Interesting video. But blockchain isn’t resistant to quantum computers, on the other hand, “tangle” can be a superstar.


Yes that is a good point about quantum computers. However, the system as it is now is far from perfect with 200,000 people in Florida alone disenfranchised. Dr. Patrick lays out a good case on this. Hey, thanx for stopping by.

great man.. I resteem it


Thank you, @razu788.

good idea sir


Thank you, @steemit-tr Glad you liked it.

there is technical problem, it is 2 years old but still valid


What is 2 years old?



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I would support a blockchain supported option as an additional offer to vote. I would like to see politicians deal with the issue, which would give this innovation an extra boost and open it up to other socially relevant areas. But we have to be careful, it could also be tempting this tool for more direct opinion polls and that could be counterproductive. But I see more advantages than disadvantages.


I agree with you, @liveoak that there would be more advantages than disadvantages. We don't have to follow the rules that applied in the 1700's (when the original rules were written). Thank you for your comments.

Hi @terrybrock, how do you think that about blockchain can change the convencional internt?


I think we'll see a lot of change @britohevertton. We're not talking about getting rid of the Internet --- at least not yet and I don't think we will for a long, long time. However, blockchain, bitcoin, and other digital currencies are here to stay and getting stronger all the time. This is a monumental shift in how we are living. I love it and look forward to changes in the future.


Your vision about it is simple and cleary and I'm look forward to changes too. What do you think if we talk more about it?

I am an advocate of Direct Democracy in the USA using blockchain voting. My website is I'm also running for Congress in NY19 on the Libertarian ballot line to promote the idea. Mind you, I'm not campaigning here. I'm not a politician. I want the people to have the power of the vote.