DIGITALBITS is a next-generation project that’s tackling the challenges of usability and mainstream adoption.

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Blockchain is a widely used technology that has been integrated into aspects of everyday life that have now experienced mind blowing turnovers. Some aspects that have been widely affected by the integration of blockchain technology are; financing, betting, gaming and even virtual reality. Blockchain has aided various industries in integrating coins and cryptocurrency into their businesses to help increase the turnover rate.


  1. Poor usability
    Usability is not put into consideration when making some of these sites, due to this factors, user experience is below average and poor causing users to seek better options or even be deterred from their tasks.
  2. Low mainstream adoption
    Blockchain technology when integrated into various aspects of industry does not always bring about profit. It sometimes leads to low mainstream flow due to its inability to be adopted by consumers.
  3. Users are required to create multiple LRPs for multiple brands
    Sites offer a single LRP for their brand and users are required to create more than one LRP when utilizing more than one site that requires it.
  4. Poor infrastructure
    Upgraded infrastructure is required to cater to the demands of consumers when there is a high rate of online transactions. This results in a high liquidity that requires constant upgrades of existing infrastructure. This is as a result of the inability of the site to cater to the high traffic brought in by a massive flow of users.
  5. Wallet overloading
    This results from the usage of too many LRPs on a single user account. It occurs because multiple individual cards have to be created for each LRP a user creates, thus causes a wallet overload when the limit of the wallet is surpassed.



The Digitalbit software was created so as to use blockchain as a countermeasure for the above problems. However, aside from solving the aforementioned problems, digitalbits has been able to provide more incentives to encourage mass adoption of blockchain, including;
-Cost Effectiveness
-Facilitation of High Liquidity
-Great Consumer Experience
-Allows apps to create new LRP programs at virtually no cost
-High transaction processing rate
-A proper overview stating the goals and desires of the platform which helps new users to be quickly integrated into proper usage of the software.
With the aid of blockchain and the proper application of the Digitalbits software, users can now enjoy blockchain technology in a wide array of applications and new technology.

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