Introducing to the BITDORADO dashboard and Staking pool tutorial

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As we mentioned many times is the next generation of crypto marketplace platform developed by Transcendence blockchain, offering its users top-notch benefits. In addition to classic trading options, Bitdorado has gone a few big steps further.

The main website is place where everyone can read detailed information about how to deal with Bitdorado.

Due to regulations, KYC is mandatory for every new user. To do it Transcendence provides a service called AML-NOW. To know how to do KYC on AML-NOW read this tutorial:

After KYC is done you can create an account on and start your journey getting many advantages.

Bitdorado dashboard

After login to the main dashboard you can find many options. Some of them can be used now but some of them are in development and will be active within a short time.

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Premium membership

For 400 000 Teloscoins you can buy Premium membership and enjoy those benefits:
-Get shares from the Pool-fees
-Special referral links to via kickbooster
-Get better pricing at OTC desk
-Get priority in offers at OTC desk
-Get 10% bonus on pool deposits

Keep in mind this premium membership price will be changed soon and will cost more.

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Launchpad (Buy Tokens)

Here you can see recent offers for Tokens. This tokens are mainly based on Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) and can be bought for the mentioned price. These tokens are connected to well established and promising projects. More tokens will be offered soon.

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Cryptobag is one very interesting option in Bitdorado. How It Works?

Users rent a selection of masternodes which are managed and hosted as a service by Bitdorado. Bitdorado keeps a service fee in the height of everything exceeding the defined revenue rate. For example, if Bitdorado gets 8% per month ROI from the Nodes, 5% are kept by Bitdorado as managing fee while 3 percent are paid to you as a rental for the collateral which is swapped for your deposit. At the moment users who buy the CryptoBag can be sure to get the money back.

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OTC Desk

Here you can buy/sell cryptocurrency at OTC (Over The Counter, from peer to peer). You can place an inquiry by selecting coin and amount. Bitdorado OTC desk will be back to you with best price available.

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Bitdorado dex is based on Birake exchange and can be accessed:


For now, the most interesting part for users are Staking pool. Everyday the Bitdorado team adds new coins to the pool. How to join a pool?

Simple: pick a coin, convertible or ‘token of choice’ and enter the address where you want staked coins to be received. (Take care to put the address of correct coin)

After clicking on “Join pool” you ‘ll get information of how many Teloscoins or other coins you need to deposit. Enter amount, send Teloscoins (or other), enter valid txID and confirm. After that, you only need to wait for approval of your deposit to the pool, which is very fast.

Join pool:
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Pool deposit:

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