[2Key Network] Creating a Token Sale Campaign / Creating Tokens & Smart Contract

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Hello everyone, I want to introduce you the 2Key Network!

It is a new project where you can discover the power of human network!

Here is the website https://www.2key.network/

I want to show a tutorial about how you can create a token sale campaign/ a contract and tokens in your contract to sell!

- First, go to https://test.2key.io/ and register, then verify your e-mail

adım 1.JPG

adım 2.JPG

adım 3.JPG

- Then after you login, on the left panel, you will see ''Start a Campaign'', click that to create your unique token sale campaign.

adim 4.JPG

adim 5.JPG

Choose your category, give your page a name and and click 'Create a page'

Your page will be ready.

adim 6.JPG

adim 7.JPG

adim 8.JPG

Now it is time to create our contract, click ''Create Contract'' under SELL TOKENS.

and then click START

adim 9.JPG

adim 10.JPG

We can connect our METAMASK wallet in order do provide a wallet and create a smart contract


We need to choose ROPSTEN TEST NETWORK before we connect our Metamask


adim 11.JPG

After connecting, we need to accept or SIGN what Metamask shows us everytime

adim 12.JPG

Now, it is time to introduce our campaign and tell the world about it

Choose your category, give it a name and description, you can add pictures

adim 13.JPG

On the next page, we need to create tokens to sell for our campaign

It will again be done via Metamask

Pick ' I want to create new tokens ' and go further

adim 14.JPG

adim 15.JPG

Select your token name, ticker and the token amount you want to create, again allow and SIGN everything what it shows at Metamask

When we do not have any ETH in our Ropsten test network, we can use FAUCET and get free ETH to our test network from here https://faucet.metamask.io/

adim 16.JPG

After you create, now we can use our own tokens, click ' I have ERC20 Tokens ' and go further

adim 17.JPG

Now it is time to decide our Softcap, Hardcap, Payment options and much more

You can pick tokens to sell and bonus if you want to


Here you can select if you want to give referral bonus for your users

After everything is set up, click ' Create Contract '


After every option is set, we click '' Deploy Contract ''


It will connect with metamask and deploy our token sale campaign


After we deploy our contract, it will ask us to send tokens to our smart contract

We click '' Approve Transaction '' and it will send tokens to our contract to sell


Here is how it looks in the end, our token sale, our tokens and smart contract is ready


You can follow 2Key Network on Social Media

Telegram: https://t.me/twokey_official
Telegram Turkish Community: https://t.me/twokey_tr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2keyNetwork

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Looks great! 2Key seems really nice in terms of providing smart contract services. Thank you for a such detailed tutorial.