LegalFling — Tinder on the Blockchain

in blockchain •  10 months ago

If there’s even the slightest market gap (, there will be Blockchain developers looking to fill it (haha...fill it).

Really? LegalFling? -

I was waiting for Tinder on the Blockchain to surface, but this isn’t exactly the flavor I anticipated.

Your Mission If You Choose to Accept It

Ok...I expect the Steemit community to do what you know needs to be done. Blow up the comments (haha...blow) with inuendo-laced puns to your heart’s content.

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Courtesy of @intuitivejakob at the most recent rocky mountain meetup

You can grope my bitcoins


Ha! I’d be happy to hodl them all night long :)


Also, thank you for the honest attribution :)

This is one way to spread a virus on the blockchain

If you don't get the ICO, everything else is sloppy seconds

The price is sure to rise quickly and fall even faster

*Not actual picture of consenting adult


Haha...I assumed the STDs would find their way. Appreciate you @walkingkeys and glad to be back seeing so many familiar faces 👍🏼

Giving a whole new meaning to getting C blocked... Ok, I'm done... #dadjokes 🤣