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About W12

W-12 aims to lower the risks and growth the profitability at the initial challenge levels for investors worldwide. The platform provides an threat for duties to increase funds at no rates without the desire for technical expertise by the creation of an environment whereby the project’s path from an idea to a a success commerce might also be very short.

The platform vision is to develop to be a big global platform that can change challenge fundraising means. The platform will provide investors access to the creation of duties based principally on a new digital and decentralized economy. The W12 blockchain protocol allows investors to increase funds through wise contracts in fundamental phrases after a stage has been completed at the roadmap. The fulfillment of the stage is confirmed through voting by the investors.


To develop to be the finest global platform that might change the dependent centralized ways
of attracting finance, that can be lately constrained by geographical and political frameworks. To provide
every investor in the enviornment with a decentralized reply that might building a global world future.


To create an environment and a decentralized infrastructure where trust between
parties in now now not necessary in any sort of the deal and all arguable issues would possibly be resolved quickly,
transparently and rightfully.

How does the W12 platform work

The challenge representative registers at the challenge platformhttps://w12.io/en/ and fills in the required information about his start-up, prescribes the roadmap, conditions for the sale of tokens

The challenge chooses seen one among proper proper the following options:- Issue the ERC20 tokens independently and transfer edge of these distinctive tokens toW12 wise contracts. - Release of distinctive tokens through the W12 platform. In this case, the challenge also retains the talent to independently sell edge of its tokens through its own web site or particular resellers or the distinctive challenge tokens are provided in fundamental phrases through the W12 network.

The challenge transmits the distinctive tokens to the W12 wise contract address. The challenge can transfer more amount of distinctive tokens at the market at the W12 platform at any time during the sale of the tokens.

The psychological contract provides the identical amount of included W-tokens merely as a result of the real reality the distinctive quantity.

Tokens patrons transfer funds to a wise contract that sells W-Tokens

Screenshot_2018-11-27 W12 token sale is live W12 blockchain protocol.png

(ABC-W) and fixes W-Tokens back to their wallet. The amount of provided included W-tokens is found based principally at the amount of funds transferred. Each challenge sets rates and discounts for its tokens. The challenge can set a coupon depending at the date and amount of assets purchased. The cost of included W-tokens is always identical to the cost of the distinctive tokens.

Tokens patrons have five hundred options:

Exchange of included W-tokens with distinctive tokens.

Exchange requires the transfer of included W-tokens to the W12 wise contract address.

By default, this replace would possibly be performed at any time.

The challenge can use the token dangle role and set the lock period depending at the provided discounts.

Make a refund (from unspent funds of the project) - if the challenge is now not delivered.

To make a refund, the user transfers W-Tokens to the challenge fund and receives

funds for his wallet. This amount is identical to their investment amount, minus the component to the

funds that have already been transferred to the challenge for completion.

Advantages Of The W12 Platform

The advantages of utilizing W12 platform include:
· Enhances the investment yield in the early levels by more than a tenfold through the achieve of tokens and in addition reduces risks to the investors
· The platform will refund as a lot as 95% of the funds that investors invest in unrealized projects
· Protects the investors from fraudulent duties merely as a result of the real reality the protocol will protect investors funds
· Provides a threat of limiting the sale of tokens by investors in the early levels on exchanges proper this second after an ICO to keep away from the drop of token rates by the activation of the token dangle function.
· Simplifies the choice of challenge investors must elect from and allows for the transfer of funds to experts who manage the trusts.
· Projects can quickly charm financing without the desire for technical expertise or initial costs
· Creates an infrastructure that allows for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new principal for safe investment in projects.

Softcap Has Been Reached.

At present there are many duties that can be very difficult to achieve the objective recognized as softcap! But or now now not it be particular with W12, W12 might also be very quick to completed the aims of the softcap. W12 will burning unsold tokens, proper the following might also be very fantastic for challenge success W12.
Investors who have invested in the challenge will truly experience scared if the cost of the token has a truly deep decline, but W12 will provide a reply that might make the cost of the tokens still stable. And or now now not it be time for investors to have a nice time merely as a result of the real reality W12 will offer a truly fantastic solution. The reply that might perhaps be used by W12 is to stabilize the cost of tokens by freezing the founder's allocation so they cannot sell the tokens they get, if the founders of the allocation typically are typically now not frozen, they might sell the tokens at very low cost rates and will certainly make the cost of tokens cheaper , now now not in fundamental phrases the founders of the allocation will perhaps be frozen but exceptionally advisors and teams, this freeze will perhaps be valid for 2 years by utilizing wise contracts, in fundamental phrases the founders, advisors and teams will get a lot of tokens.

Token info

Token W12
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price1 W12 = 0.0002625 ETH
Price in ICO1 W12 = 0.00035 ETH


Pre-sale 33-20%
Crowdsale 15-0%
Tokens at the market 240,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 1.5 ETH
Accepting LTC, BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Hard cap 22500 ETH

ICO Market Development Vision

Despite the reality that the ICO market is growing so hastily today, there is still no easy approach to buy
tokens at the ICO stage of a challenge without big risks. At the identical time, the fee of raising
funds for duties is increasing; with big rates going to marketing, hiring consultants, and
financing technical assistance, which has a high antagonistic impact on their implementation.


More Information:

Website: https://www.W12.io/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w12.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/w12_io
Telegram: https://t.me/w12_io
Whitepaper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425.0

Username: taufik123
Profilelink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=831523

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