SATURN - Softcap Complete & Bounty Round 3 LIVE

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Saturn's liquid foreign security and symbiosis convenience atom directly from cryptoassets and reliability of third-party guarantor.
Saturn has the aim of creating new markets, liquidity and over-the-counter. Saturn will be launching a Platform of Exchange and OTC trades to Cryptocurrency based on crosschain Protocol with foreign Swap. Regarding plans for Saturn team to provide foreign P2P for traders, investors, companies and also the broker.

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Token XSAT standards for liquidity

An important role in infrastructure and business model of Saturn, was set on the mark XSAT.
The global task team is to achieve liquidity token, including the use of
Tokens as payment instruments with the ability to direct the game
goods. XSAT is used in will as an asset quote in Saturn's service: Exchange and
the transaction is over-the-counters, auction and escrow. Besides that, the project team is working on
discuss models for using the token XSAT as orderly performance of the assets. But it is too early
to talk about it.

The Protocol of exchange of atoms Swap for crypto assets

Direct Atomic Exchange Protocol allows crypto assets Exchange, blockchain
originally incompatible, without the participation of third parties. For example, through
atomic transactions, it is possible to swap the Bitcoin with Litecoin directly from the
wallet. Foreign swap Protocol will guarantee the execution of the transaction by a variety of parties or the cancellation of the transaction if some terms of bilateral deals could not be fulfilled.


  • Reduce the risk compared to traditional exchanges. Send crypto assets for skill game, merchants trust the security of a third party. We will not remind you guys regarding the problem of hacking, you guys are probably listening to this, and maybe you guys own became a victim of hacking. Trust for crypto assets exchanged, cannot be sure that they are 100% safe. The Exchange is done to block funds without showing the parties, sometimes freeze the withdrawal and sometimes closes. Create a transaction in a protocol reply Swap, players cannot send crypto assets into the stock. The coins will still point in the client's wallet to the terms and conditions of the transaction are met by the counterparty. Guardian security a fundamental difference about the liquid approaches Saturn to make a deal.

  • Speed. Saturn, for specificity, as soon as software architecture allows the blockchains of the assets exchanged as well as special that internet . If we consider the stages of withdrawal and deposit of assets for example, Ethereum crypto exchanges on traditional, that's the yg we get:
    Crypto players transfer assets from her wallet to wallet. The number of standard
    a confirmation reply is desired by the Exchange before the deposit on the account of liquid 30. Required
    300 seconds aka 5 min.! If backwards, the withdrawal will be memperlukan less time, because the Ethereum will arrive at the exclusive client wallet after 1 confirmation of the break of 10 seconds aka delivery. Of course, provided that the transaction could not be verified by the Exchange, and without taking into account time for confirmation in the mail as well as 2FA. The Exchange delayed the payment for additional verification, if on a volume of withdrawal more than specified by the terms and conditions of the other rules of alias.

The Advantage Of Saturn

On the Swap Protocol originally created for foreign atoms with just the'm transaction blockchain. Saturn service there will be an extra Commission, which reached 0.2% for foreign transactions, 0.5-5% for transactions over-the-counter and 1-5% for auction transactions. The requirements are the end will be approved at the time of the launch of the Saturn in accordance with the roadmap which owned Saturn. for some assets, our company will independently provide two-way liquidity that will generate benefits in the form of a price spread.

Token Sale

Black Saturn Sales continue Token. Our team is actively working on its products and we need more time to make a quality platform to exchange the assets of crypto. We decided to extend the pre-sale stage until 6 February 2019. Cost Saturn a token (XSAT) until the end of the pre-sale is $0.115, and check minimum reduced to $500. We also expanded the list of payments up to 100 assets and continue to fill it back up.
From the beginning of the current Token to Sales, our team tlah partnering with developers and representatives of traditional finance business. At the end of the pre-sales, we will update the roadmap, because our signs adapted to the development of the company. However, in spite of the changes and the guardian Sales time Token, we stay true to our original purpose applies increasing liquidity assets crypto. We strive for perfection the concept and the satisfaction of needs of the market will be higher liquidity.

Softcap Reached

On 24 December 2019 we sell XSAT 105.1 million Of that amount, 100 million XSAT sold by contract partners with Bancibo payment systems with delays full payment for that year. Thus, a black Saturn project received sufficient funds to launch the Exchange service. XSAT's remaining 5.1 million, from the sale, it was purchased by investors in our community. Fund Sales end Token, XSAT 644.9 million available for purchase with a fixed price. The purchase token is available on the checkout page in the link.

Bounty Round 3 LIVE

Up to now, we pay tlah XSAT 2,050,000 for the first phase of the campaign Bounty. 7 million XSAT we will pay to the participants of the second phase of the campaign Bounty. This Bounty campaign is not over, due to the institution of the rest of the token is the XSAT 90 million. We remind you that the entire volume of the token campaign Bounty will be distributed during the last 1.5 years or so.

Total Tokens for Bounty Round 3

4.900.000 XSAT

Bounty start: 25.01.2019

Bounty End: 10.03.2019




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