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Middle Eastern and African countries are countries with Muslim populations. In sharia, the be aware of the banking industry variety is strictly prohibited, way to the theory of usury this is prohibited in Islam. Muslims in the geographic side and Africa have to hunt for others to be capable of engaging merely whereas now not having religious rules. heretofore there has been no reply for Muslims in creating transactions to verify the function of the bank, this is in accordance with sharia.

MenaPay: Easier Cryptocurrency, Cash

MenaPay may be a cryptocurrency that's absolutely supported by USD supported blockchain for payment gateways within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Yes, with the support of USD, it'll build Mpay costs, that is that the official token of the MenaPay platform to be terribly stable. If it's up to USD, the value of one MenaCash = one USD. With this MenaPay, we are able to all interact shopping for and commerce well while not having to give some thought to the fluctuations in cryptocurrency costs that usually occur on alternative coins. in no time value fluctuations, is so a reason, why heretofore cryptocurrency is extremely troublesome to adopt for group action functions. MenaPay provides an answer thereto.

MenaPay relies on blockchain, that may be a technology that's currently extremely expected by the whole cryptocurrency community to be able to be adopted within the future. Blockchain itself may be a distributed ledger which will replace the role of third parties in conducting transactions. Blockchain may be a mandatory technology in cryptocurrency, as a result of each group action can continuously be consecutive and chain, so all transactions victimisation blockchain are going to be simply caterpillar-tracked. Besides that, another feature of blockchain is that the keep information is valid, can not be modified, and therefore the level of transparency is extremely high.

Currently for payment functions continues to be controlled by PayPal and Credit Cards, that we all know that each strategies are terribly pricey in causation cash. PayPal conjointly applies limit transfers that cause North American country to be hampered once we wish to create transactions. whereas Credit Cards impose a considerable monthly fee that often chow our cash. the simplest answer in my opinion is MenaPay, wherever somebody will relish the benefit of group action and in fact it's low-cost and safe.

At present there are around 420 million population within the geographic area and Africa. and that i was terribly shocked that eighty six of the full wasn't associated with banking. this is often a awfully smart chance to be able to be a business model that's dependent between users and developers. At the identical time, developers will introduce to the population in MENA, relating to blockchain technology. Take it straightforward for those of you World Health Organization do not know what blockchain is, the team from MenaPay can still facilitate all the group action processes for you, whether or not you're a replacement user.


Product from MenaPay

MenaPay applies a replacement normal within the world of cryptocurrency that's dependent for users and investors. you'll build P2P (Peer To Peer) transactions, P2M (Peer To Merchant), M2F (Merchant To Foundation) in precisely some clicks. the subsequent are merchandise free by MenaPay for business functions

Mobile Payment App

Mobile application that's terribly appropriate for our daily desires. Pay in precisely seconds via a smartphone. Scan QR Code and a few faucet to send and receive cryptocrurency directly through a secure and quick blockchain network.

Merchant Dashboard

With a bourgeois Dashboard, it'll greatly facilitate merchants to watch their customers. additionally, merchants may also track their financial gain in AN easy-to-understand diagram. in fact with the bourgeois Dashboard, you'll still send and receive MenaCash.

Reseller App

Resellers are a vital weapon for North American country to try and do selling and expand networks. With the MenaCash reseller, in fact it'll build it easier for everybody to fill their MenaCash balance into their SmartPhone. Resellers should purchase MenaCash in giant quantities through wire transfers, then sell MenaCash to those that want MenaCash. This technique makes it easier for everybody to fill MenaCash balance.


Merchants will transfer arthropod genus and SDKs for Smartphones with the mechanical man and iOS operative systems. additionally to desktop users, the API and SDK are out there for Windows and {linux|Linux|UNIX|UNIX system|UNIX operative system} operating systems.

MenaPay Token Sale

MenaPay Token Sale may be a fundraising tool for cryptocurrency investors World Health Organization wish to support the MenaPay project to induce it right. a complete of four hundred million MenaPay Tokens are going to be printed, and the maximum amount as sixty four are going to be sold in public. From the results of the sale, the maximum amount as fortieth of the money obtained are going to be used for selling, and therefore the rest are going to be used for operative prices, development et al.. MenaPay Token is AN Ethereum ERC 20-based token. the value for one MenaPay Token is zero.165 USD. Payments received are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and order. The minimum sales target is to induce five million USD whereas the utmost yield which will be achieved is twenty five million USD. For those of you World Health Organization {are interested|have AN interest} in turning into an capitalist of the MenaPay project, please visit

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