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With the development of the world of technology which is currently getting better, of course, data security is needed. Good security will protect every personal data that everyone has. On this occasion I will inform you of a recent project that will present the most up-to-date data security currently developed and integrated with Blockchain technology. You probably already know what the Blockchain is, which is a system that records all kinds of transactions very safely and cannot be changed by anyone, so it will be very safe and recording transactions will not be lost.
The biggest security project is Authoreon which will make you able to make and scan data with A-ID Authoreon very easily and quickly. For more details, please refer to the explanation below:

Authoreon Protects Authenticity and Trust

Authoreon can scan the Authoreon A-ID very well to authorize, verify and certify identity or assets that are identified very quickly because they have been helped with Blockchain technology that is safe and reliable. Authoreon uses an application that scans using a camera that recognizes all codes containing A-ID. Use is very easy and faster when scanning a data.

Some of the Best Authoreon Features

  • Managing Your Own Identity
    Identity can be managed alone and fully controlled for you personally. You can provide limited access to your personal data and can, enable instant registration, login and when checkout.
  • Artwork Protection
    The artwork that you have will be protected by verifying the original joint works using a code scan that is on the surface of the artwork to avoid forgery of the artwork that you have. This feature will overcome forgery of art works that often occur today.
  • Protecting Genuine Products
    Product the original you have will be protected with a unique code that only your original product has. Your customers will be able to check the authenticity of your product simply by scanning the unique code with the help of the Authoreon application and data about your product will appear.
  • Tracking
    Products and assets can be tracked easily through the supply chain and ownership of products that will be identified and verified as Blockchain. All data will be known and the transaction will be even easier
  • Making a certificate
    To prevent counterfeiting and duplication you can make your own certificate on the blockchain and already support all types of certificates that will provide complete information about products, assets or artwork that you have.
  • Storage Security
    The file or data you save will be very safe using blockchain technology. With the help of Authoreon you can provide selective access to the parties you choose and own authority to view the file.

3 Important Components on the Authoreon Network

  • Access Lock
    Access Lock is a component that will protect and authorize incoming requests and will process them immediately. Access Lock Authoreon uses a 2 ^ 2 key algorithm that will create static keys along with dynamic keys. This algorithm is another alternative besides using 2-factor authentication.
  • Blockchain
    The Authoreon Blockchain is currently being developed and developed using computational and distributed techniques and using the ETHEREUM (ETH) protocol which will extract smart contracts using the help of the ethereum virtual machine.
    By using synapse assistance, storing and verifying data can be done effectively and faster, because synap is a type of protocol that is designed on the basis of an application independent of blockchain technology.


Authoreon is able to compete in the field of data security with the latest and modern features. Many benefits will be provided by Authoreon to minimize data forgery and identity. A good security feature with a 2 ^ 2 key algorithm authorization that is better than 2-factor identification. By utilizing blockchain technology and the Ethreum protocol, Authoreon will realize the security system needed by the people today.

Complete information about Authoreon, click the link below:

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