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A lot was made of blockchain and the potential. Like many technologies, the hype outpaced the implementation. Blockchain has not been adopted to the degree many anticipated.

That is starting to change.

What is interesting is the fact that many newer technologies are starting to be paired with blockchain. In fact, the potential of coupling blockchain with some of these technologies is just starting to be realized.


The latest is the idea of drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), being tied to blockchain.

Two of the biggest challenges with this industry is security and tracking. As drones get more popular, the risks increase. If a drone is hacked, someone could exert damage by, for example, flying it into a crowd.

There is also the issue of congestion. As we know, planes are monitored in flight to ensure they do not fly into each other. Air traffic controllers, or their computer systems, are watching all that is taking place.

With UAS, they literally fly under the radar, making the present system useless.

Blockchain could alter this completely.

To start, using the key system would prevent hacks from the outside. This will provide increased security, something the regulators are seeking.

It also would take care of the tracking. With each drone tagged to a blockchain, identification is rather easy. The system could be developed to have the drone "post" to the blockchain are different interval, providing a tracking system. It would be very similar to what some companies are doing with their supply chains.

Over the next decade, we are likely to see an explosion of drones as companies seek to alter their delivery systems. Amazon is investing heavily in the technology, seeking to automate their process even more.

Once again, blockchain offers a great deal of potential. The question is what will happen over the next few years in terms of implementation.


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