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As you know Privacy is right of every being but because of some methods and infrastructure it is not gonna happen. From these methods one method is banking, banking is never being too private, you need to submit documents, extra fees and also have to full-fill requirements of the bank.

But not now thanks to Index Chain that allow users to make anonymous transactions at ultra high speed



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Index Chain is the solution to doing private banking. It is a blockchain designed for privacy. The chain incorporates encryption methods with advice from encryption experts.

Encryption is the method by which information is converted into a secret code that hides the information's true meaning.

It is a complete privacy solution that is fast, scalable, secure, private, and most importantly decentralized because of blockchain.
INDEX CHAIN is designed for user privacy, shielding transactions with anonymous designations while deploying industry-leading encryption methods.
As a result, users of the platform are their own banks. There are no middlemen like banks that can impose huge fees or arbitrarily block accounts. You do not have to fear about the blockage of your financial

Shortly Through the Index Chain, users can spend their money without leaving a trace.

So kick out bank from the equation using Index Chain and make truly anonymous transactions at ultra high speed.

How Index Chain Ensure High Privacy

Now the question arises is How Index Chain ensures such a high security that provide privacy. It is highly secure and private because it is based on blockchain that provide it the first think layer to anonymity.

Blockchain systems use asymmetric cryptography to secure transactions between users.

The second layer is the technique of Index by using different technologies and Sigma Protocol.

Sigma Protocol

Behind this is the Sigma Protocol which is a work of art,

The Sigma Protocol is an improvement of the RSA accumulators enabled by Pedersen commitments, and because of this, there is no need for a trusted set-up. The only parameters needed by Sigma for setup are group generators and ECC group specifications.
Through the Sigma Protocol, one can “mint” a coin from a public ledger but in doing so simultaneously break the transactional link ensuring complete privacy.
The Sigma privacy protocol represents a very important innovation in
blockchain privacy, as it combines the high privacy of zero-knowledge
proof schemes (ZKP), without many associated disadvantages, bringing great improvements to the IndexChain protocol. It provides an attractive alternative to zkSNARKs, with high anonymity and great performance, but it does so at the cost of reliable configuration, exotic
encryption and complicated constructions. Sigma was originally
introduced in the blockchain system as the next Zcoin replacement for Zerocoin.

Different Technologies Used by Index Chain

Below are simplified explanations of why we implemented certain technologies :

Anonymized transactions

Our privacy protocol allows users to engage in transactions anonymously. As privacy is the primary focus, we conditioned it such that Index Chain doesn’t track participating parties or amount involved in a transaction, allowing parties to engage freely without fear of monitoring.

Tor Integration

Tor Integration
If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that’s safe and secure, then look no further as Index Chain employs use Tor which work together IDX to serve as a protective barrier of security and anonymity for the transactions you make. They conceal your wallets and nodes so that you remain hidden from hackers and other cybercriminals looking to track down individual IP addresses and pose a threat.

Dandelion++ Integration


Crypto Currencies such as bitcoin have been plagued with the issue of third-party viewers tracking the spread of transaction data from node to node. In doing so, they trace the spread back to the source nodes to obtain IP addresses. This allows attackers to map out which IP addresses are associated with which pseudonym, effectively deanonymizing users. Dandelion++ makes it increasingly difficult to trace transactions back to their source by using special techniques designed to conceal which node a transaction truly originated from, protecting its users against these attacks. In addition, experiments have shown Dandelion++ to be compatible with existing, wallets, and applications, and has a lower broadcast latency ensuring quicker transactions, while also being extremely lightweight and highly scalable allowing Index Chain to be ever more efficient and secure.


These high-performance nodes increase security and anonymity within the Index infrastructure. These special nodes come with a more expensive price tag, but Index has balanced this out by providing a functional secondary layer that provides additional incentives to stakeholders, and works as a base into which other technologies can be incorporated.

Hybrid Mining

Index Chain (IDX) can be mined in any conventional way allowing you to take a personalized approach to mining. Find the method that best suits your needs. INDEX presents opportunity with the freedom of choice other cryptocurrencies cannot provide.
Index is a hybrid currency simultaneously containing the 3 types of mining: Pos, Pow, Masternode

Hybrid Transactions

Built for privacy we believe that allowing anonymous spending ensures privacy in the ecosystem. This is a crucial and fundamental feature of distributed ledger technologies. Users can verify that their transactions are all entirely anonymous, and their data kept is private. You also have the option of making conventional shipments that can be monitored. You choose.

A multi-consensus and hybrid ecosystem


The IndexChain network was designed to meet all of the needs of the community and investors: offering a reliable, secure and confidential blockchain network and passive investment solution. In order to implement that vision, Index Chain was developed as a hybrid POS/POW currency with the x16rv2 algorithm and a complete set of masternodes. This system as a whole ensures the complete stability and proper functioning of the IndexChain ecosystem through secure and anonymous transactions. In the IndexChain network , masternode holders receive a larger block reward allocation due to the protection of the network through a lock guarantee stating that 70% of the block’s reward go to Masternode holders ( each masternode requires a collateral of 5000 IDX). To ensure the long-term sustainability of the IDX blockchain, at the opposite, its hybrid mining system has been divided between Proof of Work -x16rv2 and Proof of Stake 3.0 with an allocation ratio of 30 %. The implementation of these multiple methods coupled together results in faster development and promotion, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders, including Masternode owners, Miners, investors and even standard users.


MAX SUPPLY: 350.000.000
BLOCK TIME: 60 Seconds (1 minute)
MASTERNODE - 70% Reward (0.7 coins per Block)
POS – 15% Reward (0.15 ~ 0.30 coins per Block)
POW- 15% Reward (0.15 ~ 0.30 Coins per Block)
P2P PORT: 7082
RCP PORT: 8888


--1° year Reward Block: 1.00 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--2° year Reward Block: 0.80 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--3° year Reward Block: 0.64 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--4° year Reward Block: 0.51 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--5° year Reward Block: 0.40 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--6° year Reward Block: 0.32 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN
--7° to 25° year Reward Block: 0.27 Coin 15% PoS 15% PoW 70% MN

Road Map

Road Map Available Here -->

Conclusion & Opportunity for Investors

Index present a new hybrid and private
cryptocurrency scheme that meets the requirements of a good privacy
protocol, that is, a set of high anonymity, minimum confidence
required, scalability, ease of use and implementation. Bringing formal
proof of security and an entire structure showing its cryptographic
construction base used in our Index Chain system.It turns the table, and users of the network can transact confidently and privately without leaving traces.
While a great structure is gonna set up. There is a opportunity for you to invest in Index Chain. You can participate in its pre-sale and can buy a masternood collateral which will give you daily profit or some coins.


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