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These days, the number of people joining online trading market is rapidly increasing due to the growing demand for digital currency trading. However, not every platform can ensure factors such as security, user experience, customer service, compliance, and international market support. Understanding the problems in this industry, DINNGO serves as an emerging digital currency exchange that focuses on providing customers with the safest, fastest, and most convenient asset trading service. Being the first exchange to enable simple two – step verification with the mobile device and cold wallet, DINNGO provide user a secure and efficient environment.


1.What is DINNGO?

In the present market, DINNGO is the first platform to have two layers of verification. By utilizing the technical architecture of the newest hybrid exchange, DINNGO generates fast matches through the smart transaction matching engine.

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2.Advantages of using DINNGO:

- Safety
It can be said that in the digital currency world, centralized platforms have tried to take the role as banks. However, centralized exchanges often become the primary target of hackers. In 2017, there were many exchanges being hacked, which caused massive asset lost. Unfortunately, there is no universal law for cryptocurrency. As a result, users would lose all their money.

Different from all centralized platforms, DINNGO is a hybrid digital currency exchange which utilizes a decentralized approach to enable users the ability to hold their assets individually. Taking advantages of blockchain technology, all the transactions will be recorded and cannot be altered without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. This type of system is very hard to attack or manipulate, which significantly lowers the risk of being hacked.

Moreover, by offering a medium between offline storage and users via in – depth integration with cold wallets, DINNGO can help to reduce the risk and increase security level of personal digital currency.

- User experience
Normally, for people using decentralized exchanges, it is not easy to teach them how to keep their assets safely. It often requires complicated connections and settings. Besides, decentralized exchanges will need autonomous matching between buyers and sellers, which takes much time to find a trader agreeing to the transaction condition. It is clear that exchanges on the market share a common dilemma in choosing between security or user experience. However DINNGO can solve this problem by creating an exchange that is neither centralized nor decentralized. Apart from letting their users hold their assets and ensure safety through decentralized approach, they have created deep integration with cold wallet and smart transaction matching engine. Besides, they have also provided a customized trading interface for users often using a centralized design.

- Customer service
In a survey conducted by DINNGO recently, most users expressed they needed better user experience and customer support. Whenever people submit a service request form, it often takes them a few weeks. Understanding this problem, DINNGO invests more resources in customer service than all its peers to ensure that all users can enjoy the highest quality of service. Moreover, DINNGO team will conduct weekly reviews to examine the quality of their service to make adjustments promptly.

- Regulatory compliance
Despite the fact that digital exchanges are becoming more and more popular, few companies actively cooperate with local governments to carry out compliance operations. Different from others, DINNGO will begin compliance operations on the first day of opening the exchange as well as actively participate in discussions on regulations and relevant rules. At the same, the team will also focus on relevant information in other countries to protect the rights of DINNGO users across various countries.

- International market support
Because of globalization, DINNGO’s website interface and customer service staff will be offering in many languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc. Their aim is to prepare all materials in the target language before entering a new market so that their users can use their native language when troubleshooting or finding information.

3.Token Economics:

DGO token is a utility token which supports the DINNGO ecosystem. Holders will not only enjoy a 50% discount on transaction fees but receive numerous exclusive benefits.

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  • Name: DGO
  • Token form: ERC20
  • Token unit price: 1 ETH = 2,125 DGO
  • Financing target: 40,000 ETH
  • Soft cap/ Hard cap: 4,000 ETH/ 40,000 ETH
  • Total token amount: 200,000,000
  • Expected amount of token sales :100,000,000
  • ICO accepted currency: BTC (private sale), ETH (public sale + private sale)
  • Minimum/maximum purchase limit: 0.1 ETH/no limit

4.Challenges for DINNGO

Appearing in the present market as the first platform having two – step verification, DINNGO promises to bring a safe and secure environment for their users. However, there are several challenges for their team to succeed.
First of all, DINNGO has to compete with other big decentralized platforms. One great example is Binance, which is going to launch its own blockchain “Binance Chain”.
Next, DINNGO still doesn’t have MVP and there is not public information about its cold wallet. Moreover, DINNGO still hasn’t publicly announced their strategic partners on their website. These problems can create confusion among people, which makes them feel unsure about their project.


To sum up, the idea of this project is quite innovative and promising. At present, when existing platforms couldn’t meet users’ need, the appearance of DINNGO is expected to provide them with a fast, secure and convenient digital exchange. Furthermore, with an experienced team and advisory board, DINNGO will definitely achieve its main objectives.

Syndicator’s rate: (7,5/10)

 ICO Profile: 7.5/10
 Whitepaper: 7,5/10
 Team & Advisors: 8/10
 Social media: 7/10

More information about DINNGO:
Website: https://dinngo.co/
Whitepaper: https://crowdsale-files.dinngo.co/whitepaper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinngohq
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dinngohq
Telegram : https://t.me/dinngo
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DINNGO/

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