25% bonus for early investors

in blockchain •  last year

97 days are left until the end of SurruS ICO. The first 300 ETH deposited receive a 90% per annum, secured in a contract.

For those who invest today it will make:
365 days – 90%
97 days – 23,9%

Great news: the company decided to keep the rate for the first 300 ETH at 25%!
From now on and until the moment when the total sum reaches 300 ETH, your ROI is 25%.

E.g., if you invest 1 ETH, you get 5 000 SURR + 25% = 6250 SURR

You get your 25% as bonus tokens and can see them right away in your account. On the last day of ICO the company will buy them back, if you’re willing to sell them.


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