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RE: The blockchain revolution and the end of trust

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blockchain has 2 aspects.
one is that i can keep it forever.
the other is that i can't delete it forever.


I totally agree with your opinion.
blockchain is so simple and so complement.

Correction: Blockchain has but ONE aspect. It lasts as long as humanity. Let's not forget about climate change and mass extinction. Or nuclear Armageddon for that matter. Oh and if I didn't forget to mention we will be running out of clean drinking water planet wide soon. Already in many places in the US.

We could actually use blockchain technology to distribute our water supplies... Also, if we are fairly advanced in the decentralization process, what are you going to nuke? It would not make sense to attack one specific place and it would not make sense to destroy the entire planet unless you are against the existence of life alltogether...
I'm not that pessimistic about our future as you seem to be :D

wow, thanks for the reminder. yeah there is still a lot to do in this world of good and evil.

it is so sad that we are even allowed to defecate in water anymore :( modern composting toilets are odorless and efficient ...

Can we clean the water?

yes we can. it's expensive right now but if we really need to do it, we will in spite of the price.

Yes. water distillers

Yes with water distillers but the fact this hasn't already happened shows a bigger agenda

You can nuke all the nodes.

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