If you could pick one person from the past to be alive today and posting on Twitter, who would you choose?

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Who would you choose?


Albert Einstein

I thought I would share with you the tweet I posted on twitter earlier.

The tweet reads...

If you could pick one person from the past to be alive today and posting on Twitter, who would you choose?

Mine would be Albert Einstein.

Imagine reading Albert's tweets about #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrency.!!



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Where do I start?!

  • Shakespeare on twitter would be interesting.
  • A Tesla - Edison fight on any social media would be crazy.
  • Carl Sagan with a tool like twitter available would be dropping valuable pieces of education frequently.
  • And what about Martin Luther King?!
  • But I think the most unpredictable and fascinating would be the genius Leonardo da Vinci. One day tweets about literature. Next day about painting. Next day astronomy. Next day one invention. Next day maths. Next day geology. Next day sculpture. Next day music. Next day another invention. Next day cartography. Next day anatomy. Next day drawing. Next day botany. Next day architecture. Next day another invention...

Mine would be a three-way tie between Steve Jobs, Albert Turing, or Ayn Rand.

Nicola Tesla would be great one to hear from. Hitler might have an interesting timeline as well lol.

Hitler might have an interesting timeline as well lol.

Not exactly what I was expecting to see but I must admit I bet he'd have done a great *.gif. lol.


Before I looked down the comments - I was thinking Tesla, myself.

Nicola Tesla and I see someone say same name more here 😋👍👌

Nicola Tesla would be great to hear and terrible. There may be an interesting timeline with Hitler. Brother I love writing about your profile. You will go to a higher place in the future

Nikola Tesla... so he could "smash" Elon Musk ;)

Promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

Shared on twitter.

Shout-out to everyone in the #Steem Community. Please help to promote #Steem by sharing your blogs on twitter.




Greetings @stephenkendal no doubt these personalities would generate extremely interesting conversations, but I wonder what people like Gengis Khan or Nebuchadnezzar II would do if they had had these tools...

Saludos @stephenkendal sin dudas estas personalidades generarían conversaciones sumamente interesantes, pero yo me pregunto que harían personas como Gengis Khan o Nabucodonosor II si hubiesen contado con estas herramientas…

Two personalities that I consider would have a good debate for any social network would be: Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci.
Happy day friend @stephenkendal.

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