BLOCKCHAIN: It will change the way the world does business just as much as the assembly line revolutionized manufacturing..!!

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I was scanning my news feeds earlier and came across this great piece published earlier today.

Credit to Venturebeat for the content.



This is a great article, well researched, and well presented.

Strangely enough I was talking to someone again this afternoon and they said " that Blockchain thing by me again..!!"

I again tried to explain the concept and they still struggled to grasp what it actually does.

I paused for a moment, thought about an easy way of putting it and tried a new approach.

"Think of the time before the Internet." I said.

"Got it..!!" Was the reply.

"Now think about just how much the Internet disrupted everything." I said.

"Got it.. It really changed everything." Was the response.

"Now think about that and times it by 100. That's how much things are going to change." I said.

"That's totally rubbish. Nothing can ever be as big as the Internet. The Internet is the biggest thing on the Planet..!!" The reply came.

No matter how much I tried using shapes, diagrams, pictures and examples it just wasn't going in.

Most people, and I mean, most people, have absolutely know way of understanding what Blockchain is let alone what it is going to do.

If you are one of the lucky ones and know at least 10% of the basics of Blockchain Technology and the concept behind Distributed Ledger Technology you are probably more knowledgeable than 1% of the World Population..!!

Or put it another way....

If you were at a party of 200 people I bet you would struggle to find that other 1%..!!

People just do not get it and yet it is about to change people lives way beyond what even the smartest of people are predicting.

It is like a Digital Revolution unfolding in slow motion right infront of our eyes..!!

A Real Life Game Changer.

Thanks again for reading.



Do you believe blockchain technology will make the internet era look like childs play?