Blockchain for Quality Assurance - Chinese District Food and Drug Administration to use Blockchain for Quality Assurance.

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#Blockchain for Quality Assurance

Credit: CoinTelegraph

Quality Assurance moves to #Blockchain

I was scanning my news feeds earlier and came across this short article that I thought I would share with you.

Credit to CoinTelegraph for the content in the article.

Credit: CoinTelegraph

Credit: CoinTelegraph

Quality Assurance and #Blockchain Technology

If there was ever a perfect solution to delivering a fully compliant Quality Assurance Plan, then #Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology was the answer.

Having spent many years in the Construction and Heavy Engineering Industries with a focus on Commercial and Contract Management throughout the early 1990's and late 2000's, Quality Assurance played a huge role in the work I did.

Having #Blockchain Technology back then, would without any shadow of doubt made life so much easier..!!

Credit to CoinTelegraph once again for another great article and talking about the link between #Blockchain Technology and Quality Assurance.

Thanks again for reading.


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I am still in interest as to know how this blockchain technology lies