BLOCKCHAIN DERIVATIVES.... "A once in a 30 year Global Finance GAME CHANGER and it has ARRIVED..!!"

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I first mention BLOCKCHAIN DERIVATIVES in September of 2015 to a barrage of abuse, insults, threats, and ridicule, but never once was I deterred to continue explaining why, because I knew I was RIGHT..!!

I was very fortunate to be approached by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbet in December 2015 to talk on their show and once the Christmas and New Year festive season was out of the way I joined them in their London Studio on January 18, 2016.

It was there that I was able for the first time explain what I knew was going to happen and was confident that the Keiser Report and RT would do the story justice.

They did, and for that I will always be grateful for.

The full Interview can be seen here in the second half.

Prior to being approached by Max and Stacy I had attempted to talk to Mainstream Media but they just did not want to run with the story. It was obvious why..!!

2016 has been the year BLOCKCHAIN broke free from it's association with Bitcoin and finally had the strength to stand tall, on it's own feet, and face the World.

As for BLOCKCHAIN DERIVATIVES well they have finally arrived as well..!!

This is a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal.

Banks Test Blockchain Network to Share Trade Data


"The new application to reference data is the most recent of a series of projects in which big banks hope to take costs out of their complex, expensive, and often troubled back-office systems. Banks are working on tests involving international money transfers, DERIVATIVES, syndicated LOANS and agricultural COMMODITIES."..!!

In the coming days, weeks and months I will continue to explain why this is so important and will even say probably the most single Financial Change that will have the BIGGEST IMPACT..!!

The IMPACT that BLOCKCHAIN DERIVATIVES will have on the Global Financial Market is greater than what is even being suggest by the smartest people on the Planet..!!

Think big, then think BIGGER..!!

CRYPTOCURRENCIES will play a HUGE part in the new Global Financial Re-alignment and STEEMIT is positioned perfect for this CHANGE..!!

The future is not tomorrow, the future arrived YESTERDAY..!!


As the title suggest it is ......."A once in a 30 year Global Finance GAME CHANGER and it has ARRIVED..!!"

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share.


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It is funny that the only news network that went with talking about that is RT ran by the "Opressive Russian Government". Okay, just kidding. :-D


Max is the man and has the balls to push the boundaries on this sort of stuff. You watch, sometime in the Spring on 2017 the Networks will be scrambling to get this story out at which point we'll be telling everyone what is coming next...!! STEEMIT is rock'in..!! This is where you will find REAL NEWS that has true value. Not the hairy fairy "conditioned" Mainstream Garbage..!! Thanks for your support. Stephen


Now Following. Thanks again for the support. Stephen


I used to work on the most independent business channel in Russia, and even while we went under, the most funny thing about that experience, is that we were funede by Vladimir Putin. Which makes that cool story that during 2011/2012 pre-elections there were some salary delays, and the man owing us? Vladimir Putin humself. :-D That is probably the coolest story of those that happened with me without some unusual circumstances behind that. The channel was called "Expert TV" and was part of that big holding, that does Russian Reporter and whatnot.
I'll probably talk about that story on Steemit some day. :-D


Will keep a look out for it. Stephen

Stephen ... thanks for this. I personally think you are so right and we will see many derivitives comming about. banks espessially have no option to adapt.
Upsteemed and Resteemed.


Steem even represents the first, most funded example of smart contracts in action. Derivatives are a general category and Shares are really the first example you can point at. Steem has Shares, aka Steem Power.


Thanks for the support and comment, it's appreciated. Now Following. Stephen

It will be interesting to watch unfold... there is no shortage of interesting these days. Thanks.


Your support is appreciated. Thanks for the comment. Now Following. Stephen

agree. we don't know how it will play out but one thing is sure, cryptocurrency and blockchain tech will play a huge part. upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks. I appreciate it. Stephen