BLOCKCHAIN: A Group of Researchers from the National Physical Laboratory, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX), and UK-based consultancy Z/Yen have brought Atomic Clock Timestamp Precision to Stock Market Trading over a BLOCKCHAIN-style database.

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As an advocate of Blockchain Technology and its application in particular to Financial Markets and Global Trade I am constantly scanning my news feeds looking for great articles to share.

Earlier today I came across this article that I thought I would like to share.

Credit to ibtimes for the contents in the article.




BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY - The "Beating Heart" of the New Global Financial System

Once again, this is a great article and cements what I have been championing now for over +4 years and that BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is set to become the "Beating Heart" of the New Global Financial System.

This new "Beating Heart" will in essence see the redundancy of Stock Exchanges, Clearing House and Ratings Agencies as the BLOCKCHAIN itself becomes ALL THREE and more..!!

In the future, Stock Certificates, Equities, Bonds, Debt and Insurance will ALL be replaced by Blockchain Cryptography.

The future is not tomorrow, the future is happening right now and yet most people are still totally oblivious to it.

Thanks again for reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

What about collapse of central banks?

Any prediction?


Central Banks as we know them will also be abolished. This should help. Stephen

I agree, the future is now. The blockchain is the future of humanity, it is not just a unicorn of the 21st century.

and the heart is pumping up everyday :)