BLOCKCHAIN: 90 Percent of top Executives expect Blockchain to transform Markets within five years..!!

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I was scanning my news feeds earlier and came across this great piece by Cointelegraph.

It is another brilliant piece and credit to Cointelegraph for the content.





2017 is set to be the Banner Year for BLOCKCHAIN and the Distributed Ledger Technology as the Internet as we know it comes into "adulthood" and begins to mature for the first time since its creation.

In theory the Internet is set to undergo a full revolutionary change as server programmes migrate from a centralised environment to a decentralised distrubuted environment.

This transformation is effectively going to re-invent most, if not all, applications as this new Global distribution of data is recognised for its sheer brute force and power in comparison to the antiquated and outdated centralised systems of the 1970's.

Never before in the last +35 years have we seen such a tectonic shift of technology and the crazy thing is most people are still totally unaware of it..!!

It's a bit like someone in the 1970's telling you that the Internet would change everything.

Well Blockchain WILL CHANGE the Internet..!!

Once again thank you for reading.


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Your post is well written. I don't share the hype that there is going to be thousands or millions of blockchains. This is not how consensus works. It is more probable that once the hype is over there will be just a few of solutions remaining, namely Bitcoin and some other chains.


Unfortunately I have to totally disagree. Blockchain or the Distributed Ledger Techology will see thousands, millions if not billions of applications as we witness a shift from centralised to decentralised. In the future the distribution and sharing of data will be TOTALLY different than we know today. Stephen


I hope you are going to be right. I hold the opinion that it is already over, stuff has been invented (Nakamoto,...) and its gonna be just a slow evolution/variations of the known concepts.
Seeing more revolutions and innovation would be amazing but I'm sceptical.

Great article! This is really exciting. Decentralization seems to be the engine of moral progress in nearly any endeavor.

How wonderful to feel we have played a part in this new endeavour. Cant imagine the ones who get left behind or struggle to keep up.

Steem on,


When people finally wake up to Blockchain Social Media this platform will explode with new users..!! Stephen




AWESOME..!! Thanks. Stephen

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lol based on the image I thought you were going to say 80% of blockchain execs will be in jail or on the streets lol