Steemians: I’m Organizing a 100x Blockchain Investors Summit Webinar in August! (Steemit Special Promo)

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Blockchain investing is hot. Really hot. People have made incredible returns over the past 7 years investing in Bitcoin and in more recent months Ethereum, Steem and others.

$1000 invested in Bitcoin in early 2010 would be roughly $40 million today.
That’s a 40,000x return.

$1000 invested in Ethereum in early 2014 would be well over $700,000 right now.
That’s a 700x return.

There’s a lot of excitement these days. There’s a lot of hype. Now Token Sales or “ICOs” are all the rage. Companies and organizations are earning/raising millions in days or minutes. It’s reminiscent of the dot com days. So what’s going on? Is this all real? If so how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

Learn more about our 100x webinar conference

The Problem

What I realized is there’s a lack of quality resources to learn about how to invest in Bitcoin and blockchains especially if you’re new. It’s complex and confusing to understand blockchain technology. It’s also hard to keep up with the exponential activity that’s going in the industry even if you’ve followed Bitcoin and blockchains for years.

I’ve been following this space for over 5 years. I’m working on a blockchain startup. I’ve also been a financial advisor and consultant for roughly a decade. I even have a CFA designation and I love fundamental analysis. I think I can help.

So we at 100x want to be a source of knowledge so you can make the best investment decisions to help your financial future. It’s important not get caught up in the hype, but also understand the incredible opportunity that exists today and in the years ahead.

If you’ve been in the space for years. There’s more to learn. Especially about investing.

If you’re new. You’re still early.

Learn more about our 100x webinar conference

Our Solution

So we’re gathering the who’s who of professional blockchain investors and technologists in the industry to discuss the latest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs and blockchain technologies for an online webinar summit so you’ll be armed with the knowledge to be comfortable making better investment decisions in the future. (@andrarchy is scheduled on one of the panels to talk about Steem!)

Not only that, we want you to really get the most out of your time so if you’re new we’ll have workshops for you to get your hands dirty so you can buy and trade your first Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. We’ll have more advanced workshops so you can learn how to participate in an ICO or learn how you might protect yourself during downturns.

Our conference is August 8th and 9th:
It’s on Sale until July 10th. If you want an extra 20% off you can use: JDSTEEMIT20

Steem Special Promo

We'll use the rewards of this post to pay for tickets of any Steemian who resteems and comments below requesting a ticket! The rewards may be not enough to cover everyone's tickets so first come first serve!

Also we're building out a referral system that lets you earn Steem (25% of ticket prices) for every person that uses your unique coupon code. If you're interested in that referral program just email me at: [email protected] It's especially good if you have big crypto email lists or a popular crypto blog (such as yours on Steemit).

Any feedback? Please comment below. Thanks!

Jun Dam CFA, MBA
Founder of BitCash

PS: If you are working on a startup, Token Sale/ICO or new blockchain project and want to have a qualified investor audience to share your project to or participate in our pitch competition, just sign up here.


I would love a ticket! It's great to steem-meet you btw! Very cool. There is so much to know, this looks like an excellent opportunity!

Thanks for the votes and support everyone! So far we have enough to cover more than 10 people who requests a ticket and resteems this post ... so if you want to attend the webinar just ask for a ticket in the comments and resteem. Thanks!

Ok so the post got about $330 so we have the cost for 10 tickets, but I added 3 extra for those who I replied to on the first day and eventually resteeemed. Sorry if you weren't able to make the cut. Thanks for the support and resteems! I tried to upvote everyone who resteemed that didn't qualify for a ticket.

The following are the winners:


To redeem free tickets:

  1. Please email me at [email protected] to request a ticket and also include a secret password
  2. After you email me just reply to this comment with your secret password
  3. If the secret password matches, I'll reply to your email with a unique coupon code so you can register for free.
    Hope this makes sense. Congratulations and thanks for all the support everyone!

Absolutely this Newbee to Steemit would Welcome a ticket. Many years experience trading Wall Street & CBOE options & Futures, FOREX, GLOBEX// Technical Analysis & Portfolio Mgt Expertise now eagerly pioneering peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain technology for a better future thru our think tank CryptoCoin Prosperity.
Pleasure to meet you @steemrollin Let's steemroll!

Did my "request" as well as my resteem (transfer of virtually ALL the steem, (given to me after waiting a month for acct approval, by "resteems" per directions) fall through the cracks somewhere?

my second resteem, i need a ticket

Resteemed and interested in tickets

Yes, I would like to request a ticket, so that I may attend the webinar in August. Thanks.

Hey i was looking for somewhere to post this new Image I justcreated in MS paint for steemit, "Plan B(itcoin) and Plan C(teem)

I thought this post about how bitcoin is such a good investment would be suitable! didnt wanna make a whole post just for this one image! feel free for anyone to use it! (Its an upgrade of a meme image, i added the plan Steem part because its serioulsy makes our whole ecosystem so much stronger! if anything happened to bitcoin we would ALL still have stem!

and I feel like im in an episode of the simpsons, and im back in the 90s, with AC blasting, im a littlee kid and AOL is stiill a thing

I can feel the same energy of the early internet here with steemit!

ALSO i have something to say that you might wana talk about n your seminar @steemrollin !! u can make sure evryone who is interested in steemit knowsthat steem is JUSt as rare and valuabe as bitcoin! how just like how Bitcoin used to be pletiful an cheeap at $1 each, and how now its so rare that u must pay about $3000 jut for one, well, the same can and will and IS happenng with steem! The price of steem CAN and WILL go up and up if WE REFUSE to sell any! if we ALL power up 100 percent and refuseto sell ANY steem we can JAck the rice up! and it will be great for ALL of us! as we haord ofr steem as steempower and make ourselves nable to sell, the price will only go up! we can all control stems prices by holding steem! make it soo that if u want to buy steempower you will have to pay double! this is how we ca get to $10 steem by the end of the year!

Heres my analysis of the situation and how easy we could hit $88 by years end,

i say this is conservative and i predict we will hot $10 a we will havve more than our current rate of growth! in a few months we wont usst see 100k newusers every month we will hit 1 million new users a moth! why not?!?! we have SO many EXISTINg social mediia users! its only amatter of t iem before the 240 million redditors or 2 billion facebook users AL decide to jump ship like the mass exodus from to reddit! remember that?!!?! Lets research that exous and try and replicate it on reddit!

Love it! Bernake didn't even pay the labor & manufacturing costs for printing fiat. All his QE's done with electronic counterfeiting creating fiat out of thin air, then fractional reserving 9 or 10X existing supply. Of course the result is daily loss of purchasing power for U$D.

Would like a free ticket if they are still available!

All you have to do is learn how to resteem this post and you'll get a ticket! Just reply here after you figure that out. Thanks!

your post is my first "resteem"

This is a great idea, I like it so much. Therefore comes my upvotes and rebloging. Iff still not to late for it for it, i will be thanksfull for a ticket to webinar.

Resteeming this to 11,000+ followers. :)

nice! That is alot of followers! ;)

i post acro yoga and partner acrobatics.
I am trying to share it with Steemit, I haven't seen anyone else posting Acroyoga on this platform yet :)

Hey @steemrollin did my resteem; could I get my ticket?

Thanks in advance!


Good luck on your project. Keep us updated on your project!

@steemrollin Good Post with good Input!
Upvoted, Resteemt and Followed!

Resteemed and commented to request a ticket! Greatly interested in this! Keep up the great job!
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i have resteemed this post. do i deserve a ticket please????

You are great I will definitely need to have you in my list
So I am your new follower
Upvoted and hope
The thing that is staggering is) () ((( $1000 invested in Bitcoin in early 2010 would be roughly $40 million today.
That’s a 40,000x return.))) that
Resteemed I would like a ticket please

Resteemed!!! i would love a ticket too

and i also upvoted and followed you

Thanks for the info! Looks like an exciting event. I would also like a free ticket. This post has been resteemed :)

Resteemed. I would like a ticket if they are still available, thanks.

Powerful post by the community and im glad to be on a platform that looks out for the people and not all for themselves. This is a very positive way to get new people working harder because they know they have a good support in the long run.

We can't never expect what will be happen in the future with the Cryptocurrency, it's so hard to analyze the chart for the long term this is why, so see one of the crypto believe yourself and invest in and forget about @steemrollin and i think that steem worth to invest aand i have so many reasn

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Make sure to support steemit on the conference :)

Thank you for your post. Infomative :)

Excellent offer! Resteemed!
I would love a ticket! Thanks

I agree it's hot. hot fire flames! :D

Excellent :)

very good

thank you for all the info

Great idea coming up with the tickets. It's like your making a profit off of nothing.

I look forward to the webinar . It's important that we show the world with transparency what the internet could not be. To me this represents freedom on an international level. We are officially now in the information age.

Feel free to resteem and I can save a complimentary ticket for you. Thanks!

Can someone please tell me how to get my steem dollar's in my pockets please.

Awesome will check this out. Very interested and thanks

Look forward to updates. Very interesting idea.

Thanks for the resteem. Would you like a complimentary ticket?

Checked out the website, looks pretty cool! What timezone are the schedule times in? Site says you are in Reno, NV so is that Mountain time? Thanks!

Timezone is Pacific Time (PT) Yeah Reno is where the virtual office is. 8)

this is definitely a great business, downloading the knowledge and learning from experts.


this might be something you're interested in with your own project in the works.

nice Very interested

Great. This is what we need more of. Thanks so much in this kind of investment for the future. This is awesome. This is amazing.

Thanks for the support and the resteem. So you'd like one ticket to attend right?

Keep your time lines for investment returns low. 3 months minimum, 2 years maximum. This market can go anywhere in 5-10 years. Last I checked, crystal balls don't work in real life.

This is great! Thank you facilitating this much-needed discussion.

Thank you for such important review of information, I wish i can be there personal.

Great post, this is definitely a greatest and the most disrupting business ever :)

Amazing offera

Thanks for the resteem and let me know if you want a complimentary ticket!

Great business idea! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes in the future :)

Great i want to check this out

Just resteem to get a chance at a complimentary ticket!

Resteemed! May I get a ticket, please?

Hey sure you'll get one complimentary ticket. Thanks for the support and resteem!

Thank you for this valuable information. Looking forward to know more on the summit.

Thanks for posting. ... followed ya

I have found this new awesome site that pay's you for having bitcoin! Go sign up!

Cool you have worked in the industry for so long. I'm doing my studies to get my CPA and MBA. Anticipating alot of work and to finish in 3 years :).
All is well!

Good luck with that!

Resteemed. If available, a ticket would be appreciated.

Requesting a ticket! I need to learn how to invest in ICO's ....

I was always wondering what will happen when all bitcoin mined
and dry ?
I would not take the risk to invest my money in it !! :p
you can read more here :

Ist never gonna be all dry. Its only gonna be 20.99999x mio bitcoin or am i wrong?

huge mining pool with more than 5000000 mining device will take care the job :p

sorr but youre being very ignorant!
Thats NOT how btcoin works!
when the bitcoin mining is all "dry" which wont happen untill ovr 100 years from now, we will still be able to mine ethereum and other crypto currencies that are used as a giant super computter NOT ust as money!

youare ignorant of how money works

bitcoin doesnt need miners...the bitcoins always retain value...noonee will just give them up...they are defelationary

your paper fiat money is a scam why are you bad mouthing btcoin!!?

and dont post our spam here! noone wats to read your dumb dumb dumb story! its wrong and if u actually think bitcoin is not a godo investtment YOU ARE A FOOL
bitcoin is the NUMBER ONE BEST INVESTMENT IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY PERIOD going from $00.000001 to $3000 in just a few years! thats a 3 MILLION percent increase in value No stock NO company NO currency NOTHING as gone up that much! Bitcoin will CONTINUE to go to 41v million and even $1 BILLION dollars each!

youave NO IDEA how much fake deriivatives money there us on this planet! ALL of it has to be converted to bitcoin!

and as they do thsi the dollar will loose SO much value but by then we will all have bitcoin and steem and litecoin ethereum we wont NEED the us dollar or ANy fiat paper money

the US dollar will BECOME bitcoin by default! no decision or policy will be necissray OR will have an efffect!

people just use crypto now! its the futur and nothing can stop it!

those with bitcoin will have all the money and THUS all the power! thats all there is to it!

I think he just doesn't know a lot about blockchain, man.

Thanks for this information it will go a long way to assist especially people like us who are very much new in the system.

love this! Please follow me!

Very good info :)

people like you should be commended for the effort that youre giving to educate people about cyrptocurrency, yes a lot of newbies think that trading is easy at it looks, but from my experience (im also a newbie 1 month ) therres a lot to be done to be able to be successful in trading. Hope you send me free tickets, greatly appreciate it

Every article I read about this stuff makes me more enthusiastic and more excited... I have still got a LOT to learn, but I know I will get there :) I actually write a post about that today....

thought I would share :D

@steemrollin - love the idea man! I'm ex-Wells Fargo, left about a year ago to build the crowdfunding industry, only to stumble upon #cryptocurrency 3-months I'm completely obsessed with it because #crowdfunding was already kind of creeping into many different markets, but cryptocurrency and #blockchain technology literally allow it to creep into almost any business model -- talk about an awesome time to be an entrepreneur.
I blog on here anonymously because I'm unsure of a lot of the regulations and I do not want to harm my likelihood of working in specific regulated industries. Thanks for your posts - they're extremely informative and helpful!!

Great welcome to the blockchain world! Yes I agree. Blockchains can be applied to almost any industry.

I would like a ticket. Thank you

you got me hooked to this, in the next few days im going to learn more about this. Resteemed it!

Great thanks for the resteem! Are you available to attend and do you need a complimentary ticket?

"$1000 invested in Bitcoin in early 2010 would be roughly $40 million today.
That’s a 40,000x return."

This makes me wanna cry!

Gud plan to separate the revolution of bitcoin

Good luck with the event @steemrollin. Can you invite maidsafe to speak at the event? I want to know more about what they're actually doing. See my post today for what I picked up this week on their forum that sounds like there could be big announcements in the next 12 months.

Ohh I love what I just read. Your post comes in good timing as I had been watching posts about bitcoins and mining and such. I just wish the times were not conflicting with my work :-( ,I have never dealt with Stocks or anything, and is as good a time as any to learn :-) I wish you lots of fun in the seminars. Following and resteemed :-)

Thanks for the resteem. Yes should be fun! There will be recordings if you want a complimentary ticket.

Oh, yes please. That would be awesome :-)

Resteemed, a ticket would be great if they are available? Thanks for the post, looking forward to the conference!

Thanks for the support and resteem. You'll get a complimentary ticket.

I signed up for the webinar! Looking forward to it

Great thanks and look forward to having you!

I'm barely learning about bitcoins and the blockchain, heard it awhile ago but never really looked into till now. Wish I hop on it sooner, but it's now or never. Lol Well high five being a CFA, you're that .05% in the world! 👍🏼

What is your thoughts on warren buffet's investing for long term growth and applying it to the crypto world?

Hey remember you're still early! Great that you're starting your learning with Steemit and Bitcoin.. couple of great systems. Cool that you know what a CFA charterholder is ... most people don't...
Warren Buffett is wise so many of his ideas makes a lot of sense, although crypto is a lot different so not sure how much his ideas help. I'm pretty sure Buffett would never touch Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new money system and all these other systems are more like assets so it's a different from the 'cash-flow' companies he looks for. Have fun on Steemit!

Definitely still early in the crytocurrency world. 😃 I have friends that are putting their CFA on hold. They told me it’s extremely hard so congrats on that title and be proud of all your hard work. I just realize as I learn more and more about the crypto world it is more similar to currency trading not less of the stock market. I appreciate your response, hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Cool idea! If we register will we have access to the videos forever after the webinar runs?

Thanks! Yes there will be recordings of the event if you can't be live. We'll likely release most of the videos (excluding workshops) to the public about a month after the event.

Good seeing you around... thanks for the resteem and I assume you'll take a ticket?

Yup I'm in for it, thanks

Awesome you're in!

If you've got any tickets left I'd love ❤️ one! Thanks 🙏!

Thankyou for sharing this @steemrolling UPVOTED! maybe you can upvote and look at our blog and leave us a few reviews? takes a second. Will appreciate it :) and help us alot in our cause Here is my article about crypto :

Solid read. Its always great to see informative posts and people trying to help their fellow man.

I'd love a ticket if available. Upvoted and Resteemed!!

amazing information!

Please follow and upvote me

Cool, sounds good to make crypto investing more popular!

My brothers are BIG TIME into this!!! - Only two of my three are on this platform, but I am DEFINITELY going to share this with them!! #Whoohoo :D

The men in my family are crypto crazy... as you can see from my post here lol:

@steemrollin I'll take a ticket if you have enough. Otherwise the fiat will flow.

Thanks for the resteem and I'll have a ticket for you!

Excellent plan ... all the very best!

resteem, follow me > follow You! cheers - deazydee

Thats awesome information! Thank you for sharing @steemrollin. I follow you now.

Great idea. I do want a ticket, but not sure how it works as a newbie to steemit...

Thanks. All you have to do is learn hot to resteem this post and you'll get a ticket!

I would love to attend. Do you have an tickets left?

Yes thanks for the resteem!

Thank you for such a nice post @steemrollin. Upvoted and Resteemed

This is great! THank you so much.

This is excellent! I'm super excited and want to attend. I decided to just sign up right away without even trying to get the free ticket but there's a problem with the sign up form. It says the country and province is required but there's not actually a spot on the form to fill in your country or province. I got all the way to entering in my credit card number, then it rejected everything. I'd love to sign up once this gets fixed....

@jen8 Sorry to hear that. Thanks for trying! Yes there is a bug that shows Country/Province required, but that info is actually not required so you should be able to leave those inputs blank and process the order. There might be something else going on, but it may work if you try again. We should still have complimentary tickets available ... thanks for reporting the issue!

Okay, I've resteemed the post as per your original instructions and would like to request a free ticket if possible! I'm a bit leery to try registering online again....just in case it did in fact process the payment and happens to process twice or something like that. Please let me know once you know if I'm one of the lucky free ticket recipients or not. Thanks!!!!!

Great thanks for the resteem! Yes you're one of the lucky recipients!

Awesome, thank you!!!! I'm sure you've got a plan for how to get the tickets/links, etc. to everyone to access the video conference. Please let me know if you need anything from me like an email address or something like that. j Thanks again, I'm really looking forward to this :)

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Thank you for all the great info. Will look into it.

Great thanks!

This is a great idea, I like it so much. )))

upvoting more on yours so can get this event going and already figured out to resteem this ;}

@steemrollin Good Post with good Input!
I know that time is over .. but I Upvoted, and Followed you, because of your worth posts

Would love to attend but A day late and dollars short. Maybe you will post video on youtube for s poor broke minnows??

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