beam is a new revolution in the world of electronic currencies

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Blockchain system

Bitcoin has spread so much in our time

Especially after the huge rise that took place last year

The bitcoin system is a financial system that needs verification

Where anyone can check the encryption

This financial system has been used on a very large scale

Bitcoin relies on "blockchain", which means a database

And through this wonderful system is creating a lot of transactions

However, there are many disadvantages to this system

Where the transactions have an atomic coded meaning this is obvious

Therefore, it appears in the chart of transactions

Which is seen by many analysts

who Interested in studying the analysis

so They can therefore control the lower classes

This makes them very dangerous to people, making them not special, but becoming general

This problem must therefore be resolved

So that the diagram of transactions that occur anonymously and becomes very special

So that analysts do not control in the lower classes

If implemented, Bitcoin will become very secure

How to get rid of blockchain defects

As mentioned previously, there are many flaws that have emerged in the current system

So many have tried to invent new things

Some solutions to this have been proposed. Greg Maxwell discovered to encrypt
the amounts, so that the graph of the transaction is faceless but still allow
validation that the sums are correct [1]. Dr Maxwell also produced CoinJoin,
a system for Bitcoin users to combine interactively transactions, confusing
the transaction graph. Nicolas van Saberhagen has developed a system to blind
the transaction entries, goes much further to cloud the transaction graph (as
well as not needed the user interaction) [3]. Later, Shen Noether combined
the two approaches to obtain "confidential transactions" of Maxwell AND the
darkening of van Saberhagen [4].

This solution, if implemented, will make Bitcoin very secure


I strongly believe in privacy

And that the person is fully in control of his money

Without being controlled by others

Therefore it established a coin beam

beam is a new revolution in the world of electronic currencies

It is a very secret currency and is based on the Mimblewimble protocol.

The currency is very decentralized and very confidential and can be developed at any time

This helps users to control their money completely without being controlled by others

What does Mimblewimble protocol mean?

Mimblewimble protocol is very important very much like the famous Nakamoto Satoshi

it prevents Blockchain from talk in all user data

Therefore depends on

1- Complete confidentiality in transactions

The confidentiality system depends on two basic things, hiding and binding.

An example of this is when you think of hiding something for a person inside a room

The door key closes

Therefore, the person can not know what is inside the room unless he receives the key to his room

2 - cutting transactions

When there is a very large transaction but it is in the form of cut

So that more than one transaction was combined to carry out a large transaction

Therefore, this system only needs the current transactions

 Without looking at the history of past transactions

Therefore reducing the data will help Mimblewimble to work with small blocks

As an example, when a transaction is done instead of proving A -> B -> C;

We can collect all this in Beam A -> C

This helps reduce data and reduce load on the system

What are the advantages of BEAM?

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1- Beam helps reduce data size

Thus reducing the load on the system

2- It also depends on total confidentiality

3-Helps users control the transaction information they perform

4- It links several transactions in a single transaction where only the current transaction is considered without looking at the previous transaction history

5-The data of both sender and recipient are hidden and so depend on privacy and confidentiality in transactions

6-It is possible to perform multiple transactions

 -----------------Download beam ------------------

How to become an ambassador in the world of

If you love being an ambassador in this wonderful world

And join many of the Ambassadors to beam

Drop us an email to or use the below form with a brief bio and why you think
you'd be a great fit to represent BEAM in your area.
The BEAM team is rapidly moving forward and reaching our milestones - momentum is building by the day,
and you are a part of that!

More Information and resources

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