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RE: Incentive-based regulation - Blockchain opens up a new era of European integration

in #blockchain4 years ago

This is such amazing reading @sorin.cristescu! It is incredibly promising to know that there is an advocate such as yourself who has discovered the possibilities of this technology. We are very interested to support you and make sure that projects you work on in this regard are well supported by the steem community. Amazing things ahead!


Thanks Matt! We can do incredible things with this technology, but it won't be a walk in the park ... technology has kept advancing but "human nature" has stayed the same since Saint Augustine :-)

Yes, we certainly need a step up in our wisdom to keep up with the tech

Blockchain yes - but reinstalling natural cultures and nations ! We will NEVER allow anything you call "European Integration" thats GENOZIDE !

que lo que loco sígueme hay ps

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