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Since the inception of BitShares in 2013, it has quietly been a major innovator in blockchain technology. But for the laymen and beginner in this sector, it is quite a lot to just jump in and understand all of the technical details of the what, when and how, aspects of this technology. In a nutshell, BitShares leverages “the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making (to) more effectively coordinate the allocation of resources toward their most productive and valuable use”. Sounds like its complicated right? Well the details and technical aspects are but I’ll try to make it simple to understand in this concise overview of exactly what BitShares is, a little about their history, and what they stand for as a community as a whole. - by KobraTrading

Featured project review

The above is a snippet from the full article and interview that is published in Gokhshtein, a new magazine exlusively focusing on the crypto space. It is available through as a e-zine, and will also be available as a printed version (via print-on-demand and/or distributed on events).

The BitShares community proudly presents their cover feature article as a teaser to spark your curiosity and to invite you to get lost in the high quality content available in the full magazine.

This publication is part of the marketing worker proposal. The BitShares Blockchain supports the creation of such a proposal on-chain. Afterwards, all holders of the native core token BTS can vote on it, and if approved the worker pays out a its defined daily BTS rate.

The marketing worker is community driven and open for your suggestions. If you have ideas for follow up articles, or simply want to highlight great opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact us through [email protected]


Totally. I buy nothing other than BitShares. Been accumulating now for around two years getting ready for BitShares to get some real world recognition.

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