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Cars have become the biggest asset in our lives. Let me introduce you to this project which I recently read and got attracted to since I am a car lover.
Mass Vehicle Ledger or MVL is a project which connects all car related services in one ecosystem via a mobile application. This project focuses on all car services but mainly on car dealers, repairers, the driver and the passenger to make safe driving and good services. Since the project is powered by blockchain, all vehicle data is stored and is transparent.

The project rewards points to the users such as sales guy, repairmen, car dealers, scrapers and to users for driving and giving service review. These rewards are provided in order to make assurance of good price, service and safe driving.

These points can be exchanged to coins on the app and can be used.
The project’s center is the application or the wallet. The app is connected to all data for the mechanic, individual driving, passenger and ride provider which ensures accurate repair record, safe driving data, give service review and safe driving and good service respectively. These data are stored in the app and points are rewarded respectively. These stored data can be also used for insurance, car maker-self driving, government and research. These data can be used by car rental company, used car market and mechanic shop and they can publish ads.

In the app, the data about the driver, passenger and mechanic are stored. Furthermore, data such as average mileage and recent mileage are also stored. Data such as for gas, repairs etc are also stored. The user can also use the app for various other services such as to sell car on used car market, taxi on demand, rent a car, insurance and chauffeur services.

The MVL application can also be used for navigation.

To learn more about MVL, visit their website or join their ANN thread in Bitcointalk.
MVL Website:
MVL Bitcointalk ANN:

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