ARAW - Decentralized payment system for e-commerce ecosystem!

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The e-commerce industry continues to gain popularity in the whole world. Every day the online shopping platform receives more customers and continues to increase the volume of trade. It is expected that the number of Internet buyers will double, from registered in 2015 (1.46 billion) by 2020 (more than 2 billion). Despite the explosive growth in e-commerce, sellers and customers are facing challenges.

Today I will introduce you to the unique ecosystem of ARAW, which will provide customers and customers with optimal satisfaction from the quality of services!

What is ARAW?

ARAW - a revolutionary combination of Ethereum blocking technology and e-commerce payment ecosystem.

ARAW is a decentralized payment ecosystem of e-commerce to increase the use of Blockchain by ordinary people around the world. The ecosystem of the ARAW token offers a single reward system in which any service provider can participate. This allows virtually any company to stimulate the use of its services through the distribution of tokens and the expansion of their old limited loyalty-reward market to a new level. The ARAW solution is completely transparent and seeks to provide access to the cryptocurrency to ordinary people.

The goal of ARAW is to create an e-commerce market-oriented to the consumer. ARAW challenges the leading e-commerce platforms, which do not bring many benefits to consumers. Consumers will be able to earn and sell ARAW tokens in the e-commerce market Araw. The main advantage of using Ethereum blocking software is that ARAW can combine the benefits of fees and payments in a product that could induce and stimulate the retention of consumers in the system using blocking and smart contracts as the basis.

The ecosystem of the ARAW token

The ARAW ecosystem has been carefully designed from the outset as an auxiliary ecosystem in which users can be assured of their transactions on the Blockchain. To reach a large number of users, an ecosystem platform has been created that is scalable and efficient, but at the same time simply on the Ethereum blockchain where customers and companies can interact without limits in a reliable, efficient and mutually beneficial manner.

The ecosystem of the ARAW token consists of:

  1. Araw Pay is an open widget for accepting payments in ARAW tokens and it can be used by any merchants anywhere online, just like any other payment system.
  2. The e-commerce market - platform users can access the entire list of all offers available in the Araw market.
  3. Contactless card Araw - Touch & Pay - the purpose of the Araw - Touch & Pay card - allow customers to make micropayments in coffee shops, supermarkets and make daily online purchases.
  4. Open API platform - using the open API platform token ARAW, users do not need to know any programming languages to use the system.
  5. Integration of the banking system - thanks to the integration of the banking system in the Araw platform, customers will be able to buy ARAW tokens using a linked bank account.
  6. Araw mobile wallet - integration of Araw mobile wallet with the banking system and crypto exchange.
  7. Integration of crypto-exchange exchanges - integration of crypto-exchange exchanges with Araw platform will allow users to exchange ARAW tokens for other crypto-currencies.
  8. Ethereum Blocks - Proof of Delivery & Service - Araw's electronic trading platform uses smart contracts to make the process of buying goods for ARAW tokens fast, secure and add confidence to the system.
  9. Peer-to-peer transfers - the ARAW token platform allows you to make peer-to-peer transactions to give users a chance to purchase products or services directly.
  10. Unified reward system - with various offers of the ARAW platform, the team intends to print out existing restrictions existing in traditional customer loyalty programs and accelerate the development of a more cooperative, unified and competitive industry of customer reward.

The ARAW Token will prove to be a revolutionary crypto currency for the e-commerce ecosystem and will provide buyers and customers with optimum satisfaction from the quality of services. Thanks to the aforementioned functions of the ARAW token, the sellers will have a more convenient and economical service to attract customers. The platform will also encourage customers to continue using the ARAW crypto-currency card as often as possible. It will help increase the number of enterprises, and also satisfy millions of customers in the best way.

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