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This strategy guide is based on the limited information we have available. Many elements of this guide could change or be incorrect once the building becomes available, or further information is given to us. These opinions are based on my understanding of the Whitebook.
If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you start by reading the most recent Whitebook information. This can be found here: along with further information.
So, let’s start with a few extracts from this Whitebook. Most of us now understand the following:
If you are not familiar with how land parcels increase in value, it is straight forward by looking at this illustration. The payments from and sales nearby is also shown, although the images show a 5x5 area and not a 7x7 as mentioned.
On the next few pages I am going to go through the basics we know now, and then elaborate with my own thoughts and advance on the strategy I feel will be required, once the game starts.
If you are looking to find cheap land parcels, it is best to wait for a new district to open, and the earlier you can buy land blocks, after the opening, the cheaper most parcels will be. It is common for new districts to open at a given time and you can see the countdown in game from the auctions button.
It is usually a busy period at the launch of a new district, and it can be difficult to get the tiles you want to buy. A good tip is to check the gas levels for the Ethereum network, at to see what the average is for this time. (This can change minute to minute, so check regularly) If you are bidding on a tile, you might find others are also bidding near to it, or even for the same tile. It is wise to add extra gas/gwei for the transaction.
Resource blocks are usually the earliest tiles to be “jumped on” and are the most difficult to get. A good place to find a cheap tile, if possible, is within a 7x7 area of resource blocks. This will be a great spot to build a MINE once the game starts. If you can manage to get 2 or 3 tiles within the 7x7 you could potentially build 3 of the buildings that will gain you more “flowing” influence. This brings me on to the next part:
There are many buildings to choose from when we are given the green light to build,
Hopefully from August. It is important to know which building combinations will bring us the
most influence. This is how we will make the most money after all!
From the Whitebook we can see how certain buildings are required, in-order to upgrade our initial buildings. It is going to made clearer in game, once the buildings become available. For now, we can see that if we build around a resource tile, it will firstly require a MINE. From this MINE we can build a production building. We can then add our Energy block, followed by an Office. Building residential, around the offices will also increase the flow of influence to the office, and then through to the other builds in the chain. Once we have this combination correct, we can start to upgrade the levels of our buildings.
We are hoping to develop mega buildings for each of these building types, so we could either, plan early for this, or we can demolish later and rebuild. If you have a group of players all working together, this pattern of building can be achieved much easier.
for every building you own, you will gain a % of influence, so upgrading buildings will get you more influence, although it does matter what building is beside you. This is because influence flows, so incorrect builds might stop you from upgrading your buildings. This where the most strategy might be used by “enemy” players by placing a negative build close to yours.
We are hopefully all here to earn some Ethereum right? Well, luckily for us, we have been given enough information to make a good indication of how this will work.
Land tiles, within a 7x7 area, include a DISTRICT OWNERS TAX. This is set by district owners from 0% to 100% and will add this % on top of the initial price for the tile. When a district opens, they start at 0.0100 Eth, + district owners tax, ie 50% = 0.0150eth per tile. Within the initial 0.0100 payment, this is sent to the GAME and dividends are automatically sent out to anybody owing tiles within the 7x7 of a purchased tile.
Once building is implemented soon, payments are handled differently. This is when the 4 areas of tax come into play. An important part of the game is to pay players for being influential. To gain influence, players need to build! It’s this simple. The more buildings you have, and the higher level of buildings, the more influence you SHOULD gain. Also owning resource blocks will gain you influence, depending on what is also build within its 7x7 of the resource, and what flows from further away buildings.
The reason I say SHOULD gain you influence, is because it will depend on what buildings are close by to yours. Like I mentioned earlier, they need to be in a certain order, to maximise influence. If another player decides to place an industrial building next to your residential area, that will negatively affect your influence.
So, how do we get paid?
I will try my best to explain this, as I understand it on the next page…
The game is going to have a leader board for both LOCAL (DISTRICT) and GLOBAL (WORLD) Influence holders. The more % of influence you have, the higher you will score in both leader boards.
As we purchase buildings, we pay into both these TAX POOL. As well as paying a DISTRICT OWNERS TAX. This can be found by clicking any tile in a district and pressing the SHOW DISTRICT button.
It is mentioned in the updated white book, that “frankly” a Level 1 building will cost from 0.0100Eth… I would imagine this will then incur a DISTRICT OWNERS TAX, just like tiles do now. So, if the district owners tax is set to 50% it will cost you 0.0150eth to construct a level 1 building. From the 0.0100eth part of your payment, this should go into the 3 other pools I mention above.
If the LOCAL (DISTRICT) TAX is 50% then 0.00500eth will go into this pool.
If the GLOBAL TAX TAX is 30% 0.00300eth will be allocated into that pool.
The 0.00200eth remaining will go to the GAME for further development and costs.
For example, if you own 20 tiles in District #151 and build a level 1 building on all these and in an order to maximise influence, you might have an overall 20% influence in that district. If 300 buildings are built in one day, the DISTRICT POOL will be at 300 x 0.00200eth = 0.6Eth in the PRIZE FUND. You will receive 20% of 0.06eth = 0.012eth for that day, and each day you remain to have 20% influence.
Remember this is only for level 1 builds and you will make much more from higher level builds going forward.
You will also get a % in the same way from the Global Tax pool. You might have 5% overall global influence. If the pool is raised from 1000 builds in a day @ 30% tax rate = a 3eth prize giving you a daily revenue of 0.15eth daily, if your 5% influence remains each day.
The interesting part is that once Level 2 builds begin… your daily revenue, should you keep your influence, could earn you 4 x as much... rising to 9x, 12x and even 20x this daily rate, once level 5 builds and above start to happen!!
You can see in the diagram below how the TAX is collected and allocated…
Please note, destroying building will only cost you a gwei/gas transaction fee. This is usually minimal depending on the network load. You should always remember to account for gas payments that ae required to transact on the network. There are times, like recently when gas prices are very high due to too many transactions occurring at one time. Hopefully when Casper and /or sharding, is added to the network, this will be a thing of the past.
On the next page I talk about TILE TRADING, this will hopefully begin when building is implemented in August. There should be a marketplace to conduct these trades.
It is a good idea to keep in mind buying tiles for a future use. This might sound obvious, although this can be done in many ways. I already mentioned the resource blocks, and how buying tiles close by might help you gain an influential advantage. Another good idea is to build near to other players 2x2, 3 x3 tiles. You can check the owner of each tile by clicking on it and looking at the Ethereum address.
If you find 4 of the same addresses in a 2x2, they might be planning to invest into this area hoping to build a mega structure. To build this mega structure though, they will also need the right buildings around it. If you were to buy a tile as close by to it as possible, it might give you either a) a good way to gain influence, being near to a mega structure, or b) a great trading tile position, in the future. The other option is, c) a way to decrease their influence by placing a negative build there. This in my opinion, is unlikely, and it would take another mega structure to fully accomplish this, thus resulting in both of you losing influence! It might be a tactic though to get them to sell up cheap! ... SALTY!!
So, tile trading could be a good way to earn income, especially if you bought the land cheap!
So, before the launch of this marketplace, we have no idea how we are going to communicate with other players and discuss tactical trades, builds and area planning. The next part goes on to bridge a gap to this communication.
Unfortunately, now we are unsure how we are going to communicate between fellow Megacryptopolisians… and all we have is an untraceable Ether address!
The solution might be inbuilt to the game soon? For now, we must try to communicate outside of the game.
Just so to come clean I purchased District #151, and I also set up the 1st Facebook Group for the game. You can find this FB group here:
Come and join: We have over 30 members so far from all districts, mainly in district #151 and we are hoping to trade tiles/land between us. You will find lots of useful information in this group that will hopefully allow us to maximise profits.
I will also be changing my DISTRICT TAX rate on given days and explaining where I am building and why… I am hoping collectively we can make District #151 the most influential place to be 😊
Good luck to all. This guide will be updated or changed as new information comes to light. Please comment in my Facebook group, if you feel anything should be added or changed. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you in game. <--- for full version

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